Head of Visual Arts

To replenish your soul simply; throw, cut, tear, rip, snap, click, slash, stick, pierce… Not the usual words you would relate to a mindful practice, but this has been the trajectory of the 2016 Year 12 Visual Arts students.

For Visual Arts students, life is beautiful. Our  students have discussed how grateful they are that they can “fill their creative tanks”. The art-making process around creating their Bodies of Work managed to replenish their spirits through imagination and perseverance.

Year 12 are about to sign off on their Bodies of Work. They have accomplished so much in terms of: deep inquiry to an idea, hours of mastery to a technical process, transference of a concept or opinion to a material practice.  The complexity of this cycle has challenged the Visual Arts students in so many ways, and they have not always been as in control of the cycle as they would have liked to have been.

The cycle that is referred to, is the individual creative cycle that each Visual Arts student has and that is the framework of inquiry, application and resolution.  Creativity does not fly in and you are filled with this; the creative process is embedded in a strict cycle of thinking, starting from initial ideas that are casually discussed, investigation, exploration, failure, reconsidering, refining. Underpinning the conceptual strength is the technical proficiency of the student’s artworks. Students select from 12 Expressive Forms for their Body of Work and they are directed – if I can use the analogy of a child learning to ride a bike – we run behind them ready to catch them if they fall, but they are doing the cycling. We have watched with awe as they moved through the process of developing their skills. 

Being present with these young women as they explore the dead ends, possibilities and freeways of their particular expressive forms is an incredibly humbling experience. Our Year 12s are magnificent in their creativity, intellect and resolve.  Come and see their amazing artworks on display, next Friday 26   August in the Mary Ward Centre.


Mrs Monica Boardman
Head of Visual Arts