Head of Technology and Applied Studies

Head of Technology and Applied Studies

Design is not for philosophy, it’s for life

Issey Miyake


2018 has seen the TAS classrooms come alive with excitement, creativity, innovative thinking and memorable moments for both students and staff. Our students have challenged themselves and taken risks with their learning to enable them to achieve their personal best. This year we welcomed Mrs Elkojje to the Department and Ms Smith, our Careers Advisor, has also joined our team to teach Year 9 Food Technology.

The Year 12 Design and Technology students have been working tirelessly throughout the year on their Major Design Projects and are in the final stages of bringing their design proposals to fruition. Each student is to be congratulated on the level of excellence they have achieved with both their product and folio. Our Year 12 students are looking forward to displaying their works on Friday 31st August at the Year 12 Showcase. We hope you can join us on the evening to help celebrate the results of their hard work. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the Year 12 teachers Mr Fraietta and Mr Blackburn who have supported and guided the students along their design journey.

There is always an air of excitement in our Year 7 and 8 Technology classes. The students have continued this year to experience a diverse range of interesting units, closely working through the design process to produce their folio and end product. They have enjoyed developing their practical skills in the areas of: Healthy Snack foods, Wind Chimes, Pj’s with Pizzazz and Mosaic Clocks. The girls work both independently and collaboratively in the classroom to brainstorm their ideas and evaluate their processes to produce a final product. We hope parents will enjoy seeing the many creations that have been planned and produced when they bring their projects home. Next year we introduce a new Technology syllabus where we will be engaging in Food and Agriculture and coding with Robots!

Students throughout their chosen elective courses in Years 9 and 10 have enjoyed the vast range of learning tasks that have provided them the opportunity to further develop their skill set and their understanding in the different topic areas being studied. Students have been involved in decorating birthday cakes for a child’s party, developing their own food product, designing a sweet or savoury breakfast bowl that reflects current food trends, constructing an ottoman stool, a bedside table or a lovely cushion for their room. These tasks have challenged students in their thinking and required them to problem solve through the stages of the design process.

In Semester One the Information and Software students have used a range of software in creative scenarios. Year 9 students have enhanced their skills by using Photoshop, Powtoon and created a sweded movie using Premier Pro which is high level video editing software. A sweded movie is an amateur recreation of a famous movie using limited resources and is much shorter in length than the original.

Year 10 have learnt how to program a robot with the task requiring them to make their robot dance to selected music and they have also created a website using HTML and CSS. Semester Two will see Year 9 using ‘Animate’ animation software to produce interactive presentations. Year 10 will partake in a tour of the ABC Studios and a Minecraft workshop at the Power House Museum and further tasks will include research on whether computer games are addictive and producing a game using Game Maker software. We congratulate Gian Ellis-Gannell, Year 10, for designing the winning program cover design for the Loreto Normanhurst Music Festival.

Last term Year 10 Textiles Technology and Year 11 Design and Technology students enjoyed participating in the Whitehouse Fashion Design Illustration workshop. The students were engaged and enjoyed learning the skills in fashion drawing and rendering that was led by Leanne Whitehouse. We congratulate Beatriz Fernandez, Year 11, for being selected from the workshop to attend the Whitehouse School holiday workshop for three days to further her skills.

The Year 10 Food Technology students were fortunate enough to go on an excursion to the Hotel InterContinental in Sydney for High Tea. They were able to enjoy some delicious food both sweet and savoury, as well as learn more about the Food Service and Catering Industry. Year 12 Food Technology students enjoyed the opportunity to participate in an incursion led by nutritionist Louise Edney where they made their own Kombucha and reinforced their understanding of the process of fermentation to assist them with their senior studies.  Next year the TAS Faculty are introducing Textiles and Design in Year 11. We hope the students will enjoy the learning experiences, both practical and theoretical that this course will offer.

During the holidays and last week our Year 11 Hospitality students have completed their hours of work placement with a host employer in the Hospitality Industry. The girls are to be commended on the initiative and commitment they gave to their experience in the industry. Throughout the year, the students in Year 12 Hospitality have prepared and served a range of menu items to the Loreto staff for morning tea and lunch to complete their service periods. We have thoroughly enjoyed the range of culinary skills in preparation and service they have showcased. We wish Year 12 well as they continue to complete their HSC Trial examinations.

Looking forward to 2019, the TAS Faculty will continue to work collaboratively to provide opportunities for students to engage in innovative and creative learning experiences.


Mrs Jenelle Minto

Head of TAS