Head of Technological and Applied Studies

Head of Technological and Applied Studies

It has been another exciting, innovative and memorable year in the TAS Department. 2016 has been a year of creative design and productivity from both students and staff.

The Year 12 Design and Technology students have been working tirelessly throughout the year on their Major Design Projects bringing their design ideas in to fruition. The works designed and produced this year reflect a personal best from each student and they are to be congratulated on the level of excellence they have achieved. Our Year 12 students are looking forward to displaying their works on Friday 26 August at the Design and Technology/ Visual Arts exhibition.

Students in Years 7 and 8 have experienced a diverse range of interesting units in Technology working through the design process. They have enjoyed developing their practical skills in a variety of units of work inclusive of: Healthy Snack foods, Wind Chimes, Pj’s with Pazzaz and Mosaic Clocks. This year we introduced a new jewellery unit of work with Year 8. Students were set the challenge to design and 3D print a jewellery piece using 3D software. We saw some innovative and interesting designs being produced and the students enjoyed acquiring another skill with emerging technologies.

Students throughout their chosen courses in Year 9 and 10 have enjoyed decorating their birthday cakes for a child’s party, studying nutrition, developing their own smoothie creations, constructing an ottoman stool, silver ring, a coffee table or a lovely cushion for their room. This year in Year 9 and 10 Design and Technology we introduced students to innovation and emerging technology through work with robotics and creating C02 drag cars. Year 9 designed, built and programmed a Lego Mindstorms Ev3 robot to navigate a number of obstacles in order to rescue a pretend victim and move it to safety. The task was challenging at times, requiring strong problem solving skill to overcome the various stages of the course. Year 10 took on the role of an engineer to design and construct a model of a drag car. The task requires the use of 3D printing and 3D scanning to create the wheels and to test the dragster through a virtual wind tunnel. The unit culminates with each student’s car being fired down a 20m track to determine which design was most successful.

In Information and Software Technology students have been gaining many new skills this year. An excursion to the ABC Studios enabled the students to go behind the scenes to see the makeup and newsrooms, the radio studio and sit on the set that was set-up for Q & A that evening. This was followed by a workshop at the Powerhouse Museum where the girls gained some Python coding skills in the Minecraft environment. The students also performed well in the UNSW ICAS Digital Technologies assessment. The online national coding competition conducted by GROK Learning that ran for five weeks allowed the students to learn new coding skills and then write programs to solve a range of problems and to compete against students from other schools.

Last term Year 10 Textiles Technology students enjoyed visiting the Fashion House of Brigid McLaughlin where they were able to have a glimpse of what it is really like to be a Fashion Designer and the process and new technologies they are using in the design industry. The Year 10 Food Technology students were fortunate enough to go on an excursion to the Hotel InterContinental in Sydney for High Tea. They were able to enjoy some delicious food both sweet and savoury, as well as learn more about the Food Service and Catering Industry from the Head Chef of the InterContinental.

This semester our Year 11 Hospitality students have completed their hours of work placement with a host employer in the Hospitality Industry, working in cafes, Clubs, Hotels and restaurants. This year we had one of our students Anneliese Duursma organise her own placement at Adriano Zumbo. Below is a reflection of her experience:

“One of the most exciting experiences in Hospitality so far has been our industry work placement where we got to spend five days learning and cooking in the fast paced workplace environment. I was fortunate enough to get the opportunity to go to Adriano Zumbo’s production kitchen where I got to work in the bakery, macaron, cakes and chocolate teams under the Head Chef. I had an amazing time learning new skills everyday which I know I will be able to use in future years to come. It was an incredible opportunity, and on most days I even got to talk to Adriano Zumbo who is an Australian pastry icon. Hospitality has given me new skills to help me in the future and opened up many new and exciting opportunities within and out of school.”


Looking forward to 2017, the TAS Faculty will continue to provide opportunities for students to engage in innovative and creative learning experiences utilising new and emerging technologies.


Mrs Jenelle Minto

Head of TAS