Head of Technological and Applied Studies

Head of Technological and Applied Studies

It has been another exciting, innovative and memorable year in the TAS Department. 2017 has been a year of creative design and productivity from both students and staff. This year we welcomed Miss Claudette Njaim and Ms Danielle King to the department.

The Year 12 Design and Technology students have been working tirelessly throughout the year on their Major Design Projects bringing their design ideas in to fruition. The works designed and produced this year reflect a personal best from each student and they are to be congratulated on the level of excellence they have achieved. Our Year 12 students are looking forward to displaying their works on Friday 25th August at the HSC Showcase.

Students in Years 7 and 8 have experienced a diverse range of interesting units in Technology working through the design process. They have enjoyed developing their practical skills in a variety of units of work inclusive of: Healthy Snack foods, Wind Chimes, PJ’s with Pazzaz, and Mosaics Clocks. This year the girls have continued to create and construct projects using the laser cutter and 3D printer software. We saw some innovative and interesting key ring designs being produced and the students enjoyed acquiring new skills using a variety of emerging technologies.

Students throughout their chosen elective courses in Years 9 and 10 have enjoyed decorating their birthday cakes for a child’s party, developing their own smoothie creations, developing a dish reflecting of current food trend to be sold in their very own designed Food Truck, constructing an ottoman stool, a bedside table or a lovely cushion for their room. This year in Years 9 and 10 Design and Technology we introduced students to the furniture and interior design industries. Year 9 created an ottoman stool that required students to consider how the choice of fabric and the colour of their stain was going to complement the existing interior design scheme of their homes. Year 9 are now tasked with taking on the role of an engineer to design and construct a model of a drag car. The task requires the use of 3D printing to create the wheels and to test the dragster to refine their design. The unit culminates with each student’s car being fired down a 20m track to determine which design was most successful. Year 10 have explored furniture design through the creation of a modern side table. Through the production process students have explored how innovation and emerging technology such as a laser cutter can be used to improve the quality and efficiency compared to the use of traditional techniques. The task was challenging at times, requiring strong problem solving skills to overcome the various stages of the course.

This year Information and Software Technology students have been up-skilling themselves and working on a range of tasks using software including Photoshop, Powtoon, Premier Pro, Lego Mindstorms and HTML & CSS. The robotics task required students to program and choreograph their robot to dance to music chosen by the students. Year 9 students enjoyed an excursion to ABC Studios for a behind the scenes tour and the Powerhouse Museum where they designed and navigated a Minecraft environment. Congratulations to Gian Ellis-Gannell who used her newly gained Photoshop skills to design the winning program cover design for the Loreto Normanhurst Music Festival. The Year 12 IPT students have gained new skills in database design and have completed a Communication Systems task using a range of multimedia software.

Last term Year 10 Textiles Technology and Year 11 Design and Technology students enjoyed participating in the Whitehouse Fashion Design Fashion Illustration workshop. The students enjoyed the day learning the skills in fashion drawing and rendering.  We congratulate Emily Robertson for being selected from the workshop to attend the Whitehouse School holiday workshop for 3 days in the holidays to further her skills.  The Year 10 Food Technology students were fortunate enough to go on an excursion to the Hotel InterContinental in Sydney for High Tea. They were able to enjoy some delicious food both sweet and savoury, as well as learn more about the Food Service and Catering Industry from the Head Chef of the InterContinental.  We also had the Pop Up Picnic company visit the school to speak about their wonderful company and share their picnic options with the students over lunch. Congratulations to the Food Technology and Hospitality students who this term displayed their culinary and practical skills to prepare a range of bliss balls, fruit salad and smoothies to sell to the students at their TAS Pop Up Café. It was a wonderful team effort and thank you to the TAS staff who supported and assisted the students.

This semester our Year 11 Hospitality students have completed their hours of work placement with a host employer in the Hospitality Industry, working in cafes, Clubs, Hotels and restaurants. The girls are to be commended on the initiative and commitment they gave to their experience in the industry.

Looking forward to 2018, the TAS Faculty will continue to provide opportunities for students to engage in innovative and creative learning experiences.


Mrs Jenelle Minto

Head of TAS