Head of Sport

Continue to inspire

We talk a lot about ‘who is a Loreto Normanhurst sportswoman’ and how our sportswomen display growth, but what does that really look like? Another person’s idea of a Loreto Normanhurst sportswoman can be completely different to our own. Ask anyone what it means to be a Loreto sportswoman and you are likely to receive a variety of answers. What binds our definition is our Mission,  in the Spirit of Mary Ward, as a school community, to encourage each student to fulfil her personal potential, in an atmosphere of freedom, care and respect for the individual.

We are pleased to offer Sport as an extra-curricular at Loreto Normanhurst and we are proud to be part of a community that opens sport to students of all ages and ability levels. Participation in sport will take on a different meaning to every one of our students. Some students will strive for success in representative pathways, while others play to support a healthy lifestyle. No matter the objective, sport promotes perseverance, team work, and fair play. It is a test of resilience, courage and resolve. When given the opportunity, sport can be powerful in encouraging empowerment in young women. As we are almost through the first term of sport at Loreto Normanhurst, I encourage students to ask themselves, what am I striving for when my sport journey began this year?

In Term 1, we have 796 participants taking part in either a Saturday sport or school-based activity at Loreto Normanhurst, and we anticipate participation throughout the year to total 70 per cent. This gives great insight into our sport program and affirms the varying benefits it provides for all our students. After only eight full weeks of 2018, we have successfully competed at the IPSHA Swim Carnival, IGSSA Swim Carnival, NSW All Schools Triathlon, NSW Schoolgirls Head of the River, Tildesley Tennis Carnival, Australian Rowing Championships, and weekly Saturday sport competitions. In this time we have seen some inspiring team and individual results, witnessed new beginnings and took part in new experiences with our young sportswomen.

As we take the lead from our sportswomen in Term 1 and move forward in the sporting community throughout 2018, let’s continue to spark interest in sport participation. Recognise its value and together, let’s continue to inspire.


Mrs Jasmine Palmer

Head of Sport