Head of Social Science

The multi-disciplinary nature of Social Sciences encompasses a broad spectrum of skills. The knowledge developed by this discipline instils the much needed curiosity among students and challenges them to further their discernment of interactions within the social realm.

The range of subjects and their associated cross linkages enable the development of an analytical mindset that is crucial in our rapidly changing world. According to Professor Jim Bright, who propounded the “Chaos Theory of Careers”, life does not follow a linear path. Change is inevitable and unpredictable, and brings about a form of ‘chaos’ in an individual’s life.

Students who undertake the study of Social Sciences keep abreast with the ever-changing global environment; whether it is from an economic perspective, a business notion, an impact of climate change or an outdated law, and hence are well prepared to embrace change. Their acquired research skills are fine tuned to ensure they are adept at managing change and becoming self-reliant.

Students gain valuable experiences through visits to the Courts or Parliament House, working on a moot as part of the ‘Law Day Out’ at the Law Faculty of a university, and incursions like guest speakers from the Office of Fair Trading which makes them aware of their consumer rights.

Students are constantly encouraged to become dynamic problem solvers and resilient individuals, instead of being confined within a static bubble and a false sense of predictability of events. These qualities are the antecedents for success in today’s world and lead to enhancements in student performance and productivity.


Ms Gauri Gupta

Head of Social Science