Head of Primary

Good leaders invigorate lives;

they’re like spring rain and sunshine.

Proverbs 16:15

The Primary School Leadership Team recently received an invitation from Bishop Comensoli to join with him and other school leaders at The Light of Christ Centre in Waitara. His wish was to meet, encourage, inspire and support students  in their leadership.

The day began with morning tea and icebreaker activities where the girls had the opportunity to meet with and share their experiences with other Primary School leaders.

Bishop Comensoli spoke to the leaders about the great honour and trust that has been bestowed upon them having been selected by fellow students and teachers to lead and serve as a Missionary Disciple.  He spoke about controlling the power and the importance of using it for good. Bishop Comensoli also reminded students that God has called and gifted them for this important role.

All leaders were then invited to celebrate the Eucharist and were commissioned as leaders within the Diocese of Broken Bay.

Sharing lunch allowed more time to meet, converse and learn with student leaders from Catholic schools across the Central Coast, North Shore and Northern Beaches. Insight and reflection time in school groups allowed the girls to think about what it means to be a leader.

‘Does being a leader change the way you see things?’ Beccy

‘How do you connect with your peers to be a better leader?’ Molly

‘How can you be the best role model for others?’ Stephanie

‘Use the good power, not the bad. It is quite easy to go to the other side, you have to resist that temptation.’ Saskia

‘How can we have a fun filled, joyful school where we display Freedom towards others?’ Zoe

The girls were so grateful to be invited to such an event and felt that they formed connections with fellow leaders and learnt so much from the day. Thank you to Bishop Comensoli and the Broken Bay Diocese for their generosity, wisdom and time and for providing the students  with such a valuable learning experience.


Mrs Maryanne Dwyer

Head of Primary