Head of Primary

Remember that we all climb the hills differently. We take different paths, different steps, and different journeys. We each reach landmarks in different ways and at different times. If we push or pull children up the hill and make them practice our steps, our ways, or, worse yet, drop them by helicopter at points of the journey without the climb of getting there, we may get them up the mountain -but they won’t own it. They may reach the vista, but they won’t feel empowered by the climb. They won’t take on the next hill in the journey. And most important, they won’t have learned how to climb, their own lived worlds. If, however, we support their steps and work with them the climbs and the vistas and the joys of the journey will be theirs forever.

C. Fosnot


As we come to the end of the second year of the Primary School, we have so much to celebrate and be grateful for. It has been an exciting year of learning in the Primary School. Underlying all that we do is a firm belief in each of our students as a capable, curious, questioning and empowered learners with boundless potential. Our commitment to educational practice where the girls are at the centre of the learning process has been designed to promote authentic learning experiences.

The importance of student voice cannot be underestimated. Student voice empowers students to fully and proudly participate in school life. The girls have certainly embraced every opportunity that has come their way with enthusiasm and zest.

With that in mind, below are some reflections from the girls highlighting what they have enjoyed over the past year:      


Benedicta House

2016 has been a big year for the Primary School and for all the leaders. As we were waiting to see if our names were called we were beaming with joy as we stood up in front of everyone. It was so exciting knowing that we were the future House Leaders. Being a Benedicta leader has been a challenge but a lot of fun at the same time. All four of the Benedicta House Leaders joined forces to run the athletics carnival and created great cheers that all of Benedicta enjoyed and took part in. On the day everyone participated with outstanding results. Every member of Benedicta showed enthusiasm and house spirt. We have had the opportunity to do our first assembly, our first sports carnival and our first time running Friday sport for the entire Primary School .Benedicta is a loving and caring house full of fun, joy and excitement. It has been such a fun opportunity that we have had and we will never forget it.

By Erin Bourke, Zoe Lawson, Olivia Lucas and Krista Mikhael


The Evening of Eminence

I loved researching my eminent person and preparing for the big night. I really enjoyed hearing about other eminent people. I discovered that I was much more courageous than I thought when I had to stand up and speak in character.

Bridget Quirk



I have enjoyed being independent, gaining more confidence and learning how to speak in public.

Keira Conlin

My favourite event was Leader’s Lunch at Parliament House as I got to meet leaders from all over the state.

Madeleine Campbell



I was proud we were raising money for the House of Welcome, such a worthwhile cause.

Jessica Webster


I enjoyed the Melbourne Kidpreneur trip as it filled me with inspiration and enlightenment into the secretly difficult life of entrepreneurs all around the world. My favourite part was when we learnt all about product licensing in the real world.

Elyse Stephens


Tech Angels

Having the opportunity to enhance our ability to understand technology, which is really important for our future. We are also able to empower our classmates in our role as Tech Angels by teaching them the skills we have learned.  It is like a domino effect, as girls pass on their learning to others, everyone benefits.

Belle Reid


IPSHA Public Speaking

It was extremely interesting hearing all of the different speeches and different interpretations of the topic ‘heroes.’ I learnt so much about how to speak in front of an audience, using gestures and vocal variety. I felt honoured to represent Loreto.

Saoirse Watkins


I have loved learning all about Shakespeare this year.  I particularly enjoyed performing my Shakespearean soliloquy.

Abigail Mayer


And finally, an outstanding poem written by Emily Burns from Year 5.

Ode to the Passion Fruit

A three layered wonder,
Filled with glamorous, sunny seeds.
A sparkly magenta case,
Covering a sour paste.

Dazzling flowers with a perfect shape,
This affectionate fruit is about to awake.
Ripe, velvety skin matched with exclusive leaves.
The strong, vigorous vine all out in the open,
With no one to talk to but the healthy leaves.

Teasing me by holding on tightly to the vine,
Your hide on the outside protects the drops of sunshine inside.
Your tropical fruit with a tongue tingling taste,
More tempting than a troglodytic apple,
Dripping from the heart,
Your season is about to start.


Ms Maryanne Dwyer

Head of Primary