Head of Primary

Head of Primary

Leap and the net will appear.

Zen proverb


As we reach the end of another school year, it is time for Year 6 to transition to the Senior School and for the Primary School to welcome some bright and shiny new students and their families into the Loreto Normanhurst community. Taking that next step forward can sometimes be a confusing cocktail of emotions, that heady mix of excitement and nerves. If there is one thing that is constant in life, it is change.

You can’t control change, but you can control your response to change, just as our thoughts control our actions. Change is often easier to manage when we feel we have some control and influence over what is happening.  Dr Justin Coulson provides some helpful tips for reframing our thinking and seeing change as an opportunity for personal growth.

Above all we value relationships at Loreto. Building connections and a sense of belonging are crucial to who we are as Loreto people. The building of relationships began as our Year 5 girls reached out to their buddies in the form of a letter and then met face-to-face at Orientation. Year 5 took on the responsibility of caring for their buddies with gusto.

Research by John Hattie states that one of the greatest factors for student success is the relationship between the teacher and student. This special bond creates an immediate sense of connectedness and psychological safety, so that the girls will be able to flourish and strive to meet their personal potential. Having the opportunity to meet the newest members of the Primary School in a holistic plenary was the first step in cultivating that relationship.

One of the qualities that can lead to success, is having the courage to delve into the unknown, to sit with uncertainty.  Be patient with yourself, give yourself time, think positively, and you will not only adjust, but thrive as you find your place. If you are prepared to have courage and open yourself up to the endless possibilities, you might be surprised, as is evidenced by this recount from Year 6 student, Jacqueline McDonald.

“I have absolutely adored my time at Loreto Primary, I have met so many new friends and learned all sorts of new things. I was so nervous to come to Loreto but found on my first day that I felt as if I already belonged to the Loreto family. At Loreto I could try new sports and activities that I hadn’t played or maybe even known about if I hadn’t come to Loreto primary. I have made so many new friends and I feel so lucky to have met these wonderful friends and started new relationships with everyone. I have loved working on projects and assignments, especially the Evening of Eminence where I got to be Jacqueline Kennedy and learn all about her. I will miss my time at Loreto Primary but I am looking forward to moving into the high school and expanding my knowledge and imagination.”


Mrs Maryanne Dwyer

Head of Primary