Head of PDHPE

Last Thursday 8    September, was R U OK Day. It provided an opportunity for schools and communities to raise awareness, start conversations and transform the way we look out for young people going through tough times. Research shows most young people experience challenges and uncertainty as part of the growing up. These may relate to issues such as self-image, relationships, commercial pressures and encountering various sources of stress.

The mandatory PDHPE 7–10 syllabus provides students with opportunities to develop skills that enable them to identify and access support services.   Youth support services identified and analysed in class can assist in supporting students as they navigate their way through childhood and adolescence.

As such, PDHPE plays an important role in advocating health and safety of our students. During Term 3, students explored:

  • ways to practice accessing help, eg via the internet
  • skills to access health information, products and services
  • how to identify and establish support networks of adults and peers
  • ways to support others to seek help
  • a range of positive management strategies to support good health and wellbeing

A focus of the PDHPE program in 2016 is the integrated water safety and aquatic units from 7 – 10. This essential component of the curriculum is provided within the broader context of safe living, games and sports, and individual and community health.  Students have the opportunity to develop water safety skills, proficiency in a range of swimming strokes, achieve a lifesaving qualification from Royal Lifesaving NSW. As we approach the holidays and warmer months, it is important students are equipped with the skills and knowledge on how to keep themselves and others safe around the water.


Ms Dom Sidaros

Head of PDHPE