Head of Music

Head of Music

Primary School Music at Loreto

This year sees the second year of Primary School students as part of our Loreto community and the second year of primary students participating in a classroom and extra-curricular Music program.

Students in Year 5 and 6 participate in one classroom music lesson per week in a specialist music room with access to a wide variety of tuned percussion instruments. The Orff Schulwerk approach is used and emphasises the importance of learning through experience. It is an interactive, inclusive and differentiated approach that encourages girls to work collaboratively in small and large groups through singing, playing instruments and moving in every lesson. Year 5 have been exploring a concept based program this year, learning about the musical concepts. This semester, students have been focusing on Duration, including beat, rhythm, tempo and imitation, and are looking forward to learning about Tone Colour in the coming weeks. Students also become familiar with a wide range of musical styles, including works from Australian female composers. Year 6 have been exploring a topic based program this year, where they will continue to learn about the musical concepts they discovered last year and learn about new musical concepts. This semesters students have experienced a broad range of music from the topic “Around the World” – including works from composers such as Dvořák and Steve Reich. At the conclusion of every lesson, girls are invited to discuss what they have discovered about music by participating in the various activities during class. This encourages students to think about their learning and understand why they engage in particular learning experiences.

Miss Sarah Ashton


European Music Tour

We are very excited to launch the 2017 Choir and Orchestra Tour to Europe in June/July 2017. There was a great deal of interest in the tour at the recent Information Night where the itinerary was announced to the parents and students. Now the work will begin with finalising the numbers, choosing repertoire for the Tour Choir and Tour Orchestra, arranging extra rehearsals and planning the final details. The countries we will be visiting will include Italy, Slovenia, Hungary, Croatia, Slovakia and Austria. The Tour Orchestra and Tour Choir will be performing in magnificent venues and will also attend Master Classes on the tour.


An Exciting Project for the Orchestra

Mrs Katie Hardyman, an ex-student and mother of Lucy (Year 12) is an accomplished song writer and has asked our orchestra to record the backing for her song “The Language of Flowers”. Katie first heard the Orchestra when she attended some of our performances on the last European Tour and she was inspired to compose a song with an orchestral backing. The orchestra has really enjoyed being a part of the project and are very excited to be given this wonderful opportunity.


 AMEB Results

Congratulations to the following students on their excellent results in the recent AMEB Examinations.

Ella Gray (Year 10)           5th Grade Saxophone          B+

Amber Buchanan (Year 5)    1st Grade Clarinet        A

Both girls are students of Mrs Sarah Eagling. Thank you also to our Piano Tutor, Ms Alice Hanna, who accompanied the girls in their examinations.

Lara Granelli (Year 5)         Preliminary Violin         A

Lara is a student of Emma Tingay and was also accompanied by Ms Alice Hanna.


Mrs Kim Irik

Head of Music