Head of Music

Head of Music

Term 1 had a great start with a beautiful concert at the Sydney Town Hall for the Elective Music students. The Sydney Symphony Orchestra presented an inspiring program of orchestral pieces, including the ‘Rite of Spring’ by Stravinsky.

Our next big event was Open Day which featured all our musical ensembles (Primary and Secondary) as well as some class items prepared by the Elective Music students. It is a wonderful opportunity to showcase the variety and commitment of our music girls. The audience were very appreciative, and the music added a celebratory character to the day. A big thank you to the girls that performed and assisted with the set up and pack up. It was very much appreciated.

Soon after Open Day we made a very quick transition to online learning. This meant that as well as all classes being conducted through Zoom, the private Music lessons were delivered this way as well. This was very efficiently organised and the students were very quick to adapt to the new method of instruction. A huge thank you to our Music Tutors who were so supportive and flexible with the new requirements.

After nearly 2 terms of intense preparation, the highly anticipated Music Festival unfortunately had to be postponed and presented in an entirely different format. The House Conductors and Accompanists worked tirelessly to ensure that their House Choirs and had the best possible preparation. Fortunately, the selected soloists and the Primary Choir were still able to perform as well. The larger ensembles are eagerly awaiting next year’s festival as they are not able to rehearse at present.

We all enjoyed the performances at the Music Festival – they were outstanding! Quite incredible considering the difficulties the girls faced in getting everything organised. Congratulations to all the Choirs and the solo and group items.

The Year 12 HSC Elective Music students have also had to adapt to different requirements for their HSC programs. They are only allowed one other performer in the room for their Practical Exams so many had to adjust their programs accordingly as there were many items featuring backing musicians. This was achieved efficiently and without any problems and they are all looking forward to performing their repertoire for the Showcase Night and for the HSC Practical Exams in September.


Mrs Kim Irik

Head of Music