Head of Languages

Head of Languages

Language learning made fun!

The buzz words around language learning this year have been Language Perfect. Language Perfect is an online self-directed learning tool for mastering one of the building blocks of communication: vocabulary. How does it work? Students are tested on their reading, listening and writing skills in a range of words, verbs and common phrases. Once a year Language Perfect runs a special competition, the Language Perfect World Championships over a period of 10 days. During this time students build points while they compete with students from their class, from other classes within the school and from schools all over the world!

Loreto students have been participating in this competition since 2012 with very respectable results but this year the competition really took off and captured the imagination of our Years 8-10 students who took part. Our participation rates were the highest they have ever been as were our results. In 2015 our students earned a total of 59 certificates and ranked 153 from 1077 schools around the world. This year 131 certificates will be awarded and our ranking has moved up to 60 from 1111 schools!

So why do our students love the Language Perfect World Championships? The 10 day time frame means that students remain engaged and motivated to do repetitive activities. It is a short burst of frenzied activity that could not be maintained over the course of a year. The students are encouraged to engage with the website in a number of ways. They can “cheer” each other on and love sending and receiving “cheers” from their friends and teachers. They can also send “shout-outs” to encourage each other to do better. Finally, they can send feedback directly to their teachers about what they enjoy doing. It is an environment that encourages students to compete with each other but in a friendly and cooperative manner.

So well done to all students who took part and let’s keep the momentum for learning a language going for the remainder of the year.


Mrs Maryse Martin

Head of Languages Other Than English