Head of House – Ward

Head of House – Ward

2017 has been a very busy year so far. The focus of Term 1  was of course the Music Festival, which was again a very enjoyable experience for all involved. Ward House was led by Anna Mead as Conductor with Georgie Arthur as accompanist. The Ward House song for this year was Flashdance….What a Feeling, and the girls gave a wonderful performance on the night. The award of the Spirit Cup to Ward House is   a reflection of how well the entire House worked as a team while preparing for the performance.

The Athletics Carnival was again an opportunity for the House to build community relationships and cheer for the participants and the girls were led with enthusiasm by Millie George, our Sports Leader.

Term 1 had a social justice focus through raising awareness and funds for Project Compassion. This was ably led by Charlotte McDonald as the Ward House Social Justice Leader. Year 11 are now preparing for Loreto Day on 2 June and all Year 11 students are involved in raising awareness of the needs of children attending the Rumbek School in South Sudan.

Recently, Photo Day provided the opportunity for the House to be together for the entire day. The girls were able to participate in activities focusing on their use of social media, spend some time on their academic work, and it was also an opportunity for the Year 11 girls to launch Loreto Day within the House.

As a result of a discussion about the prevalence of celebrity culture in society today, the Year 12 House Council presented to the House on several women of note who had passed away last year without the accolades afforded to celebrities. These women had made important contributions to society in many different fields: Susan Lindquist, a pioneering biologist; Jemma Redmond, at only 38  developed the bioprinter which is capable of 3D printing with living cells; and Ann Caracristi, a cryptoanalyst who headed a team of analysts breaking complex Japanese Army messages during World War II, and became the first female Deputy Director of the US National Security Agency. The girls put a lot of effort into highlighting the accomplishments of these pioneering women and explaining some of their very complicated work.

The House Council have been very supportive of all the events within Ward House: Meg Conlon as House Captain, Poppy Houghton as Creative Arts Leader, Alison Rorke as Performing Arts Leader, Olivia Bell as Academic Activities Leader, Brittany Abraham as Liturgy Leader, Lucy Gibson as Music Leader, Tiana Kovac as Communication Leader, Millie George as Sports Leader, and Charlotte McDonald as Social Justice Leader.

Students in Ward House have Conversations with their Tutors and Advisors: Mrs McIntyre, Ms DeMattia, Mr Rafe, Mrs Cahalane, Ms Willis, Mrs Roffey, Mrs Stanger, Ms Birch, and Mr Hughes; and are also supported by Assistant Tutors Mrs Wallace, Mrs Miller, Mrs Bailey, Mrs Mayer, and Mr Horton.

Students are enjoying their participation in a variety of extra-curricular activities as well as working hard on their academic studies. Both Years 7 and 8 have reflected in a very positive way on their camp experience. As the term progresses Year 10 begin to look to the future in choosing their subjects for the HSC; Year 11 work towards Loreto Day; Year 9 look forward to the challenges and enjoyment of the Far North Queensland trip while Year 12 work consistently towards their HSC Trial exams. All the students are accompanied on their Loreto journey by their tutors who offer support, care and good humour.


Ms Peta Patton

Head of Ward House