Head of House – Mulhall

Head of House – Mulhall

The students and staff of Mulhall House have continued to focus on living by our motto ‘Unity Burns Within’ this year as we welcomed new members, engaged in a dreaming session to determine the most essential elements of our House identity as well as shaping a vision to direct our journey forward. We have taken time to build our knowledge of Mother Stanislaus Mulhall, of whom our House is named after, learning more about her journey as a woman, as a Loreto Sister, and as a role model for all members of the House.

Under the leadership of our House Captain, Abigail Jones, and the House Council, the seven Tutor Groups have competed to develop new war cries for the House, to celebrate the arrival of Ms Green’s baby as well as testing their skills across a wide range of challenges in an Amazing Race style activity, which brought to light a plethora of previously hidden talents within the House.

Beginning the year with a mellifluous performance of ‘Let it Be’ at the Music Festival, led by Eilish Dodd, an energetic adoption of the theme ‘Mulhall Matadors’ at the Athletics Carnival and the selection of the Mulhall cause for Year 11s Loreto Day celebration, the House has continued to build a strong sense of identity and connection.

Year 11 eagerly embraced the opportunity to take on the mantle of leadership as they educated our community about the reality of education for the girls of South Sudan, sought ways to make our school celebration more environmentally sustainable and developed a new games stall to model their willingness to try new things.

Over the last two and a half terms, Mulhall House have focused on celebrating and developing respect for the diversity of cultural backgrounds within our community as well as building a greater understanding of the role of having a growth mindset and showing gratitude as a means of developing a strong sense of self and resilience.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank our House Captain and House Council for 2017 and to welcome the 2018 House Captain, Lucy Beer. The House has also elected new representatives to the SRC: Annika Shankar (Year 8), Abby Hartshorne (Year 9) and Hannah Cowap (Year 10). We offer our thanks to those SRC members who are finishing their period of leadership and look forward to the new initiatives of our incoming leaders.

The girls in Mulhall are also well supported by a group of wonderful Tutors, Advisors and Assistant Tutors, and I would like to thank them for all they do to care for the students in our House community.

As I write their reflection, our House community is preparing to farewell our Year 12 friends, a time of both celebration and reflection. We thank them for all they have given to the House community and wish them well for their upcoming examinations.


Miss Patti Taaffe
Mulhall Head of House