Head of House – Mornane

Head of House – Mornane

2016 has been yet another successful year-to-date for Mornane House.  We commenced with welcoming our new Year 7 students and other new students from Year 8 to 11 and it did not take long for them to feel settled and at “home” with their Mornane Family. The House worked well as a team to produce a wonderful performance of the song ‘Landslide’ at the Music Festival in Term One. It is always an amazing opportunity to see a House of over one hundred and thirty individuals work as one to create a melodic interpretation of a famous song and this was under the creative and well-disciplined leadership of Katie Reid, our Mornane House Conductor and our accomplished Mornane House Accompanist, Amelia Somes.

Directly after our term break, under the direction of Year 11, the House moved into preparing for another fun-filled Loreto Day. The Nail Painting Bar was very popular and the girls enjoyed the opportunity to officially wear ‘nails of many colours’ and the Chocolate Wheel was also a huge success with the opportunity to win bundles containing a range of sweet enticements and practical goodies. A wonderful way to support our Social Justice cause.

Term Three commenced with our Athletics Carnival held at Homebush; a rather bleak and wet one. The girls participated eagerly and cheered with gusto and it was rewarded with a win! Congratulations everyone for your effort and co-operation. This term will also see the Year Nine’s heading off for a most amazing experience in Far North Queensland. To participate in Community Service and embrace the opportunity to contribute to other communities combined with viewing the amazing scenery, ranging from The Great Barrier Reef to the desert of Far North Queensland will leave them with memories not soon forgotten.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the “driving force” behind Mornane House, the House Council. They have all worked well together to create a harmonious and united House. Our House Captain Jordan Roughan, Sport Leader Olivia Bartram, Social Justice Leader Teresa Jane Firkins,  Performing Arts Leader Georgia Mossie, Communication/SRC Leader Annabel Pratley, Creative Arts Leader Emilia Roman, Music Leader Livia Liu and Academic Activities Leader Caitlin Howlett.

Mornane House would not be as united and committed without the dedicated team of Tutors, Advisors and Assistant Tutors. Ensuring we create an environment of safety and community where all girls can work to maximize their leadership potential is at the centre of the Mornane House philosophy and this is reflected in Mother Stanislaus Mornanes’ amazing words “…the brave heart.” We are a House of “brave hearts”. This sentiment is reflected in our 2016 aim to achieve “a Sisterhood where the House is a home.” A big thank you to my team of Tutors, Assistant Tutors and Advisors for their commitment and care of the girls: Helen Gray, Chris Woods, Sarah Ashton, Adam Chesterman, Jason Currao, Isabelle Tilsley, Marie Bugge, Livinia Coombes, Mitchell Blackburn, Elizabeth Williams and Naaz Hanson-Kerr.


Mrs Linda Guthrie

Head of Mornane House