Head of House: Mornane

Head of House: Mornane

Love and speak the truth at all times.

Mary Ward 1585-1645

On my Term One long service leave I read a very interesting article on how we can help our children navigate the pressure of their digital lives, without detracting from the positives. (Social Media and Teen Anxiety, Leah Shafer).

As we witness an increase in teen anxiety we, as adults, acknowledge there is one common factor; a factor which many of us were not worried about as teenagers ourselves – the smart phone, now an integral part of any teenager’s life. It may be tempting to grab that phone and lock it away as a solution to the problems it can cause. Rather than hiding the phone, it is central to accept its role in our daily lives and implement ways to manage social media and the continual presence of digital interactions. The pastoral programs implemented at Loreto include structures and strategies to assist the students in their daily digital lives.

Amanda Lenhardt (2015) acknowledges a range of social media-induced stressors:

  • Seeing people posting about events to which you have not been invited.
  • Feeling pressure to post positive and attractive content about yourself.
  • Feeling pressure to get comments and likes in your posts.
  • Having someone post things about you that you cannot change or control.

Gather for yourself in your youth a great treasure of good habits.’
Mary Ward

As part of our ‘Big Sister-Little Sister’ pastoral program implemented during House time, we aim to build connections and support for our young students. We raise awareness about the impacts of some current behaviours and assisted by various guest speakers, present to the girls about the impact of our digital footprint. Also, integral in our pastoral programs is to challenge our thinking and encourage the girls to be the point of difference and to stand apart from the crowd.

Mornane House began the year by encouraging students to build spirit by displaying motivation and enthusiasm, to become involved and engaged in all House and School activities and initiatives, to be authentic role models, to collaborate with others in a positive manner and to share responsibility, to make connections through strong and honest communication and  to build strong relationships with all.

Our 2018-2019 House Council has successfully promoted and encouraged the importance of loyalty and care for others and this has further strengthened a sense of connection and commitment important in a House community. To continue and build on this, we welcome Madeline Playford as House Captain 2019-2020 and other members of Mornane House who will lead and guide the girls in meaningful relationships, to invest in life-long learning and to foster self-care and community connection. 

Your conversation shall at all times be such that all who hear it may derive profit.’ 
Mary Ward.