Head of House – Mornane

Head of House – Mornane

We were bound to give our lives for our neighbours’ souls and our goods for their lives and not our superfluities, but what may touch us.

Mary Ward


The girls of Mornane House have embraced 2018 with enthusiasm, led by our passionate Captain Kiarra Williams-Browne and with the able support of her creative House Council.

The Mornane House motto, The Brave Heart has been reflected in the diversity of our community and what it means to be a Loreto woman in this year of Justice. Each student has been encouraged to learn more about herself, to discover her strengths including her personal and academic boundaries, to question personal decisions and the impact they have on self and others, to be a woman who “in time to come will do much” –  a woman of care and compassion with a strong sense of social justice.

Our 2017-2018 House Council has successfully promoted and encouraged the importance of loyalty and care for others and this has further strengthened a strong sense of connection and commitment important in a House community. With the recent student leadership elections, we welcome Lillian Barker, our new Mornane House Captain for 2018-2019, who will continue, ably assisted by the new House Council, to lead and guide the girls to create meaningful relationships, invest in life-long learning and to foster self-care and community connection. 

Term 3 has been a busy one. Years 7 and  8 have examined Building Connections, where the Year 7 students have been encouraged to isolate and address the challenges they have faced in their first year of high school and Year 8 have learnt to positively demonstrate kindness to self and others. Year 9 recently immersed themselves in community service on their Far North Queensland Experience and the whole school has embarked on the leadership process; learning the importance of true leadership – commitment, enthusiasm, integrity and loyalty.

Pastoral care in education is recognised as essential to the development of the whole individual and at Loreto Normanhurst the importance of the pastoral care program is linked to our students’ outcomes. We aim to provide and cultivate an environment and culture in our House system which supports the physical, social, intellectual, emotional and spiritual development of every student.

There is recognition that pastoral care and academic progress is linked. We know we cannot isolate an individual’s emotional, physical, cognitive and social elements: they work together as a whole to create a well-rounded, independent, resilient and socially aware individual. To actively achieve this whole and balanced individual who is prepared for life after school, the pastoral curriculum at Loreto delivers age-appropriate education programs for the students. These are created and ‘tweeked’ to suit the students and their needs and delivered in a caring and nurturing House environment, to create individuals who will ultimately….

“be seekers of truth and doers of justice.”

 Mary Ward


Mrs Linda Guthrie

Head of Mornane