Head of House – Maye

Head of House – Maye

A ripple effect!

The intent of our school ‘…growing individuals and communities…’ together with our Loreto values serves as a compass to guide and drive us to influence beyond our school and ultimately to be successful people.

The Loreto Normanhurst Student Growth Model (LNSGM) has been evolving since it was launched in 2004 and has guided us to prepare our students for what lies beyond their school years. Our holistic approach, based on the four key elements of the FACE curriculum (faith, academic, community and extra-curricular) requires regular reflection the impact of these elements have on the whole person, the learning environment and how we interact with one another while doing what we do at Loreto. Many life-long skills, such as creative and critical thinking, problem solving skills and effective communication develop throughout this process, while the value of meaningful interpersonal interactions based on emotional intelligence and quality relationships is taught and learnt.

While this student-centred learning structure focuses mainly on the growth of our students, the full impact of it is much greater. Our school grounds and buildings have adapted into flexible learning spaces and our teachers are constantly challenged to rethink and apply the FACE elements so we  become better practitioners. This process allows us to constantly evaluate how we practice our craft, pushes us to take risks, keep learning and apply new skills and, most importantly, focuses us on knowing our students so we can effectively provide encouragement and support for each student. Central to this, is the House-based vertical pastoral care system which provides a unique framework for the development of strong relationships which underpins quality interactions between all members of our community.

The features which form the essential elements of the LNSGM are similar to what industry refers to as the main character traits and/or ‘soft skills’ that ultimately predict success in the workplace and beyond. These elements are:

  • Efficiency – work smarter not harder!
  • Communicate clearly, plan and reflect.
  • Discipline – develop good working habits. There is no short cut to success.
  • Interests outside work – partaking in extra-curricular activities reduce stress and increase productivity.
  • Organisation – use your diary and plan.
  • Optimism – happy individuals flourish, take risks and challenge themselves.

Soon we will start to farewell our beloved Year 12’s and they will have the opportunity to share how the Loreto community together with the LNSGM have shaped them into the individuals they are now and will become. We celebrate their growth and thank them for their leadership, the impact they have had on the community and the way they have supported each other, their buddies and the younger girls within each Tutor Group. We wish them every success for this final part of their journey at Loreto, the upcoming HSC examinations and the years to come. We thank our House Captain, Eliza Harvey, together with the House Council, who have led  Maye House this year with passion, vibrancy and energy.

Congratulations to our new Maye House Captain, Amelia Kenny, who will soon take over the mantle of leadership. In the coming year, Amelia strives to:

  • Create a community to be proud of and excited to be part of.
  • Further build relationships and friendships between year groups.
  • Work together to further the well-known Maye House spirit – our ‘give it a go’ attitude and support of each other.
  • Leave behind a legacy of a stronger Maye sisterhood of kindness, care and involvement.

We eagerly await the announcement of the new Maye House Council and Conductor who will help guide us into another exciting year working to bring the above goals  to fruition.


Ms Elsa Vink

Head of Maye House