Head of House – Maye

Head of House – Maye

The Maye sisterhood – a sense of belonging!

A sense of belonging is a human need, just like the need for food and shelter. A sense of belonging to a greater community improves motivationhealth, and happiness.  This connection to others help you to know that you are not alone. There is comfort in that knowledge.                                            

Karyn Hall


The House system at Loreto with vertical Tutor Groups builds a unique sense of belonging for all members within a house. In Maye House we refer to this sense of belonging as the ‘Maye Sisterhood’ and as it centres around relationships, it forms the foundation for everything that we do within the House. This sense of belonging, strongly experienced equally by both students and staff, help shapes our community into a caring, kind, understanding and supportive environment where students are known, are listened to, reflect and work on quality connections and relationships, and feel safe to take risks. 

2017 has been an exceptional year for the Maye House community and we experienced how working well together can help to achieve major success in all we do. Our new students and staff very quickly felt part of the House and were introduced to the special Maye spirit for which our House is known. At the annual Music Festival, we felt privileged to showcase the exceptional talent of our girls as we performed the winning Light Entertainment Act, under the leadership of Isabella Nery, our Performing Arts Leader. Our Maye House choir, ably led by Yasmine Barraket, House Conductor and accompanied by Georgia Chien, sang our chosen song ‘Soolaimon’ with passion and we were thrilled to be announced the winning House choir on the night. Following from that, Maye displayed their physical talent by participating with enthusiasm on and off the track at Homebush and we were ecstatic to win the Athletics Carnival this year.

Throughout this year we continued to focus on the value of ‘Freedom’ and have discerned how our choices ultimately shape our identity and the people we will become. We also took time to unpack the concept of a Growth Mindset and the value of understanding how the brain grows and changes, and the need to watch our words and way of thinking. To put a growth mindset into practice, the girls participated in challenges where they needed to take risks and change their thinking.  

Our House Council, together with all senior students, under the leadership of the Maye House Captain, Elizabeth Anderson, make every effort to ensure that House time and all activities are thoughtful, fun-filled and allow opportunities for meaningful connections. The vertical groups encourage relationships to develop between younger and older students to further provide a ‘safety net’ for all. Research indicates that unless children and young people within schools feel welcomed, valued, respected and feel like they ‘belong’, their level of educational participation and engagement will always be limited (Finn’s 1989). With participation and engagement having a significant correlation with academic attainment, having a strong sense of belonging may be a significant factor to success inside and outside of school as it can affect motivation and continued persistence, even on impossible tasks.

Guiding this process, cannot happen without the invaluable support of all Tutors and Advisors to ensure that their Tutor/Advisory Group and Conversation times remain reflective and a space for all to build on relationships which further leads to a sense of belonging. My sincere appreciation for the effort from all of the Maye House Tutors and Advisors for their continued support and care of our girls.

Soon we will farewell our beloved Year 12s and we thank them for their leadership and the way they have supported each other, their buddies and the younger girls within each Tutor Group. We wish them every success for this final part of their journey at Loreto and the upcoming HSC examinations. We will also say a fond farewell to Mrs Bowden as she leaves Loreto after many years of being part of Maye House. We thank her for all the support, love and care as Year 7 Maye Advisor to so many Maye girls as they started their time at Loreto.

We congratulate our new Maye House Captain, Eliza Harvey, who will take over the mantle of leadership within our House and we eagerly await the announcement of the new Maye House Council and Conductor who will help guide us into another exciting coming year.


Ms Elsa Vink

Head of Maye House