Head of House – Kuring-gai

Head of House – Kuring-gai

Kuring-gai House

In Kuring-gai House this year a significant amount of time has been invested in exploring what it means to have a ‘unique identity’. The students have been asked to think critically about who they are, what makes them tick and how they can present an authentic self to those they know and work with in tutor and year groups. Our House identity is inextricably linked to the land in which our school resides. This land, traditionally owned and watched over by the ‘Gurrangai’ people has enabled the students to draw strength and inspiration from it throughout the year.

A cultural feature of Kuring-gai House is to engage the students in authentic student leadership. It has been an intention through the House program to have the students involved in many diverse activities where they lead, contribute and demonstrate their leadership style and personality in a variety of ways. Some whole school examples where this is demonstrated is through the various sporting carnivals, the Music festival and Loreto Day. With these, the girls assume full leadership and responsibility for turning the events into successful School and House community experiences. House times have been filled with much laughter, friendship and curiosity.

Furthermore, the students have spent time learning about the importance of service learning, and designing service learning projects in House time. The girls have appreciated that the giving to others is fundamental to our Catholic Christian tradition and when we give to others, we take the focus off ourselves and understand that our work has significant benefits for other people.

I am particularly excited to be working with the 2016/2017 House Captain, Madeline Viney and the House Leaders and congratulate the following students on their appointments. I know the year ahead will be filled with valuable learning experiences under their rich and varied student leadership:

Madeline Viney

House Captain

Laura Zanatta

Academic Activities Leader

Holly Verma


Molly Thomas

Creative Arts Leader

Charlotte O’Brien

Liturgy Leader

Natalie Seeto

Music Leader

Katerina Traini

Performing Arts Leader

Andrea Zanatta

Social Justice Leader

Madeleine Gainsford

Sport Leader

Ashleigh Cahill

Music Conductor


The following photos showcase some of the numerous student activities held this year. I hope you enjoy looking at these.

In 2017, the girls will continue to develop a collective Social Justice plan for the House and to work together to maintain the beautiful house spirit that is evident in Kuring-gai. It promises to be a busy time for us all.

I wish all the Kuring-gai families the best for the remainder of 2016 and a peace-filled Christmas.


Mr Justin Madigan

Head of Kuring-gai House