Head of House – Kendall

Head of House – Kendall

The Power of Spirit

Stop Press: Kendall wins the Spirit Cup for the Athletics Carnival for the second year in a row!

Spirit – we talk about it; we think it; we breathe it; and we live it. The best thing about Kendall House is the feeling of being a family. Big sisters with little sisters, having a go and exploring new ideas and ways to think critically about life. This is the basis to which we apply the school values we talk about, particularly this year when students reflected on the theme  ‘With Courage and Compassion, together we strive for Justice’.

Spirit helps build a sense of pride in the person that you are. It leads to engagement, joy in attending school and a willingness to want to give back to your House and your school. Spirit helps girls to also take pride in their uniform, to feel a sense of unity and belonging. If we feel like we belong, then we also become more inclusive and take care of others. This sense of spirit is strong in Kendall House and is often addressed in Tutor Group and House Meetings.

It is believed that having a theme will build spirit. The approach for each Carnival is for the House Council to develop a chosen theme and then promote it within the House. The girls then get involved as they now own the event and go out of their way to be involved. The result is a unified House all sharing and celebrating in the gifts and talents of each other. Again inclusion is encouraged for  the outcome  to be achieved. For the Athletics Carnival, Kendall developed an ‘Aqua ABBA’ theme which also involved the Tutors and Assistant Tutors. The success of the Athletics Carnival was due to participation and involvement with Year 12 leading the way. Each Kendall girl participated in  cheering, running, jumping and singing. To win the Spirit Cup is no easy feat. To win it two years in a row is a true indication of just how much the girls work together in their love of Kendall House. Thanks to Isabelle Hatton, Kendall Captain, and her Year 12 team for their amazing leadership.

This week we farewell the Class of 2018. With happy tears in their eyes they graduated with the tag of ‘Fine Young Women”. Our Year 12 leaders of Kendall House have done so much to enhance the feeling of involvement and joy in all the activities we undertake and they should be very proud of their achievements.

Recently we voted for our new House Council and these girls will formally receive their House leadership badges next term in House time. As a House we will congratulate them and we wish them well for the year ahead. These Year 11 girls will spend some time setting goals and devising ways to achieve them and as a House Council they will organise many  events for the House from Light Entertainment to Christmas Hampers to Carnivals.

The new House Council includes:

House Captain

Charlotte Ryan

Communication/SRC captain

Greer Pollard

Liturgy captain

Bridget Downes

Sport captain

Susannah Coady

Academic Activities captain

Swetha Kumar

Social Justice captain

Piper Hall

Music captain

Eileen Yang

Performing Arts captain

Larissa Vella

Creative Arts captain

Caitlin Bush

Choir Conductor 

Alice Compton


Congratulation also to  other girls from Kendall House who were elected to the Student Council:

Sport Captain

Zoe Warland

Academic Activities Captain

Tamsyn Coetzee

Communication/SRC Captain

Breanna Ivankovic


The girls also elected the new members of the SRC to represent Kendall in a host of school activities. Congratulations to:

Year 8 SRC Rep

Zara Warland

Year 9 SRC Rep

Claudia Anderson

Year 10 SRC Rep

Luka Swain


I would like to also pay tribute to the Kendall Tutors, Advisors and Assistant Tutors for their dedication and support of the girls. The many hours of behind the scenes pastoral care and support of the girls is phenomenal. The Tutors play a pivotal role in assisting the girls  with living in this modern age with so many complexities, challenges and decisions around them.

Thanks also to parents for the fine job you are doing with your daughters and your support of Kendall House. 


Mr Julian Moran

Head of Kendall House