Head of Drama

Head of Drama

In this year of Justice, Drama students began the year discussing how their study of Drama and theatre might help them be “seekers of truth and agents of positive change”. Students from Years 8-12 clearly understand that Drama gives them a range of opportunities and tools to help understand their world and shape a more just future. Some of their responses included:

  • Drama helps build confidence and encourages students to find their voice.
  • Drama allows students to step into the shoes of others and understand different perspectives.
  • Drama allows students to think critically about current issues and present work to audiences that can provoke change or ask them to consider new ways of thinking.
  • Drama students work collaboratively to create and imagine the future or a different reality on stage.

In every lesson Drama students engage in activities that allow them to do all this while having fun with their peers. Our students bravely take risks with their learning whilst experimenting with a range of dramatic forms. The HSC Class of 2017 were brave and took risks which resulted in outstanding results. 76% of Drama students received a Band 6 and 24% a Band 5. Additionally, three students received Onstage nominations for their Individual Projects and four students received a nomination for their Group Performance.

2018 began with a range of excursions to see live theatre, as well as incursions including the Bell Shakespeare Artist in Residence program. For the seventh consecutive year, Christopher Tomkinson conducted the week long program with Year 10 Drama students which allowed them to delve into the world of Shakespeare. Their hard work led to a highly engaging and successful outdoor performance of Macbeth.

Year 11 students began Term 1 with a study of Realism, stepping into the shoes of women from the Victorian era in their performed scenes of Ibsen’s play A Doll’s House. At the end of term these students also worked tirelessly as stage crew for the Music Festival under the guidance of student stage managers. They have since explored a variety of non-realistic forms including expressionism and are looking forward to applying their skills to their group devised production in Term 3. We hope to see you there!

Year 8 and 9 students have explored Clowning, Improvisation and Playbuilding with energy and enthusiasm. Year 8 students in Term 1 were treated to a performance by acclaimed clowns Kiki and Pascal and Year 9 have been extending their clowning and improvisation skills by donning the masks of Commedia dell’arte characters, allowing them to explore the world of Ancient Italian comedy.

In Term 4, Year 9 students will once again enchant local primary school students with their pantomime performances. A wonderful time of the year which allows our students the opportunity to apply their skills and experience the joys of performing for a young and very excited audience.

Year 12 Drama students have now completed the theoretical component of their course and are working concurrently on their Individual and Group Devised Projects. We hope to see you at the Year 12 showcase in late August to view and celebrate the outcome of their hard work.

Lastly, we are excitedly planning for the Drama and Visual Arts Immersion Tour which will take place in New York next year. Students in Years 10-12 in 2019 will be able to apply. A reminder that an information evening for this tour will take place on Monday 14 May at 7pm in the Curran Theatre.


Ms  Anna-lea Russo

Head of Drama