Head of Aston House

Head of Aston House

Last term was a busy one for the girls in Aston House. They spent the term preparing for Music Festival under the skillful leadership of the House Conductor Ysabel Say and Accompanist Bettina Ignacio. These girls were supported beautifully by all of Year 12 and all students in Aston House worked tirelessly together to learn their chosen song “Unwritten”. The commitment, dedication and positive sense of spirit developed throughout the term ended with Aston House being awarded Best Choir on the night of Music Festival as well as Ysabel Say being awarded Best Conductor. Many Aston students also had the opportunity of performing on stage at Music Festival in the Light Entertainment number which was an exciting and confidence building experience for many of the girls. All students and staff in Aston are to be congratulated on the outstanding effort put in last term.

A focus in Term One is always the support of Project Compassion which is Caritas Australia’s annual fundraising and awareness raising appeal, bringing Australians together to support the world’s poor to help end poverty, promote justice and uphold human dignity. The students in Aston really got behind the cause by running the Aston Auction for Project Compassion where they brought in items from home and auctioned off these items to the highest bidder.

Year 11 have been working hard to raise awareness of the Nyambani Children’s Home in Kenya. This home is a support to orphaned children who have lost their parents to HIV/AIDS and are HIV positive themselves. They are busily selling raffle tickets and organizing the running of the House stalls and other activities designed to raise money on the day for this worthy cause.

We are always proud of all the girls in Aston House, however this month we would like to make a special note of the following girls who have been awarded Aston Angel of the Month awards: 

Jessica Walter, Meg Elliott and Bettina Ignacio who participated in the Multiple Sclerosis 24 hour Mega Swim on April 30-May 1.


Miss Michelle Albert

Head of House – Aston