Future Problem Solving News

Future Problem Solving News

We have had a busy year so far with the extra-curricular activity of Future Problem Solving with 36 girls participating in three competitions: Global Issues Problem Solving, Community Problem Solving and Scenario Writing.

Global Issues Competition (GIPS)

This year, 34 girls have been trained to use the six-step FPS process to solve scenarios around the following topics:

  • Term 1: Mission to Moon, Mars and Beyond
  • Term 2: Drones
  • Term 3: Food Loss & Waste

The girls completed their two-hour Qualifying Booklet on Food Loss and Waste this past week and the booklets have been sent to Melbourne for evaluation to see which teams may be invited to the National Competition in Brisbane. As part of their preparation, Loreto hosted a successful FPS Resource Day on Thursday 25th July where students and staff from a variety of schools joined our own students to review the six-step FPS process, participate in Q&A sessions, hear from a representative from Oz Harvest, Lisa Dainty, on Food, Loss and Waste and complete a two-hour practice problem.

Eighty nine students participated in the whole day including four students from the Central West Academy in Dubbo who joined us via Zoom video conference call. The NSW FPS Convenor, Ms Punam Wahan, and myself coordinated the day and all students and staff appreciated the valuable training they received.


Global Issues Problem Solving Students

Jessica Willathgamuwa (12)

Ella Donlevy (10) Audrey Kha (9)

Akshara Yogesvaran (11)

Emily Stockwell (10)

Cheri Hui (9)

Maanya Maini (11)

Georgia Cluff (10)

Chloe Lee (9)

Esha Arora (11)

Isabella Vigers (10)

Isabella Knox (9)

Gian Ellis-Gannell (11)

Leila Mangos (10)

Sophia Ingham (9)

Anika Bharadwaj (11)

Maia Collins (10)

Annika Lee (8)

Luka Swain (11)

Sophie Earle (10)

Elisabeth Jenkins (8)

Ruihuan Li (Helena) (11)

Vivien Li (10)

Eloise Rose-Helbert (8)

Sofia Halliday (11)

Zara Oong (10)

Holly Keir (8)

Annabelle Garing (10)

Zoe Redwin (10)

Lucy Johnston (8)

Charlotte Cluff (10)

Arya Yogesvaran (9)

Maya Yogesvaran (8)



Sophie Mota (8)


Community Problem Solving (CmPS)

CmPS teams address a real problem in the community. The Year 10 CmPS team, Sophie Earle, Zoe Redwin, Zara Oong, Vivien Li and Alessia Anderson have developed a project called ‘digitalEYES’ in response to the ever-increasing use of technology at school and its consequences such as eye strain and headaches that can appear after extended exposure to digital screens. They are working on solutions that create a healthy relationship between school and the digital world to assist with the improvement of eye health among youth. 


Scenario Writing

The Scenario Writing Competition allows students to write creative, futuristic stories based on one of the topics mentioned above. Leila Mangos from Year 10 has written an imaginative scenario linked to the topic of Drones which has now been sent off for evaluation. Isabella Mincher from Year 12 is to be congratulated for placing first in Australia in her Scenario Writing division in 2018 and she was a wonderful representative at the International Conference in Massachusetts, USA in June this year. We look forward to hearing about her experiences in an upcoming Assembly.

FPS Student Coaches

FPS Staff Coaches

Akshara Yogesvaran (11)

Robyn Roffey

Hannah Truong

Maanya Maini (11)

Mark Tyler

Simonetta Cesamolo

Esha Arora (11)

Erinn McMahon

Phillipa Dowers

Gian Ellis-Gannell (11)

Michela Pezzi

Madeleine McLachlan

Isabella Greenhalgh (11)

Zoe Rhone (on leave)


Nitasha Dewan (12)




Thank you to all girls and coaches for their ongoing commitment and enthusiasm in relation to the program. Year 7 students will be given the opportunity to participate in an FPS Introductory course in Term 4. Details will be emailed to students. If you or your daughter would like to know more about Future Problem Solving, please visit this website.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions.


Mrs Robyn Roffey

FPS Coordinator