Future Problem Solving – exciting news!

Future Problem Solving – exciting news!

Exciting Future Problem Solving News

Future Problem Solving is one of our extra-curricular activities and this year we had 36 girls competing in 3 different competitions. The following 21 girls did so well that they qualified to represent the school at Nationals in Brisbane. Congratulations to all of these girls.

Global Issues Problems Solving (GIPS):

Year 8

Lucy Johnston, Sophie Mota, Eloise Rose-Helbert

Year 10

Annabelle Garing, Maia Collins, Leila Mangos, Isabella Vigers

Year 10

Georgia Cluff, Charlotte Cluff, Ella Donlevy, Emily Stockwell

Year 11

Maanya Maini, Luka Swain, Esha Arora, Anika Bharadwaj

Year 12

Jessica Willathgamuwa (Individual Competition)


Community Problem Solving (CmPS):

Year 10 Sophie Earle, Zoe Redwin, Zara Oong, Vivien Li, Alessia Anderson


Amazing Results from Nationals in Brisbane

Ms Truong, Ms McLachlan and myself accompanied the girls to Moreton Bay College in Manly West, Brisbane for the Nationals competition last weekend. In attendance were 360 students (from Years 5-12) from 46 schools throughout Australia who had qualified for Nationals and were keenly competing for a place at the International Conference. Our girls were a delight to take away and worked hard right up until the competition on the Saturday. I am pleased to announce that the following two teams did so well they have been invited to the International Conference in Massachusetts next June to compete against the top teams from all over the world. Well done girls!

Congratulations to our Year 10 Global Issues team: Georgia Cluff, Charlotte Cluff, Ella Donlevy and Emily Stockwell who placed 2nd in Australia in the Senior Division with their creative and futuristic ideas on the topic of Coping with Stress. This team also placed 1st in Australia in the Senior Division of the Action Plan Drama Presentation.

Congratulations also to our Year 10 Community Problem Solving Team (CmPS) Sophie Earle, Zoe Redwin, Zara Oong, Vivien Li and Alessia Anderson who placed 2nd in Australia in the Senior Division with their project Digital Eyes addressing the issue of eye strain in young people due to the increasing use of technology.


More FPS News

Congratulations to the Year 8 Global Issues team of Lucy Johnston, Sophie Mota and Eloise Rose-Helbert who placed third in Australia in the Middle Division of the Action Plan Drama Presentation at Nationals.

Scenario Writing Finalist – YEAR 10 – Leila Mangos

Congratulations  to Leila Mangos for reaching the final round of the Scenario Writing competition in the Senior Division with her imaginative and futuristic story on Drones.

E Paul Torrance Award – YEAR 12 – Nitasha Dewan

Congratulations  to Nitasha Dewan from Year 12 who was awarded the 2019 E Paul Torrance Award for her contribution to Future Problem Solving. Only one or two students from each State or Territory in Australia are awarded this each year and due to the commitment and diligence of our students in giving back to the FPS program, a senior student from Loreto been the recipient of this award for the past five years. Nitasha has been involved in FPS since Year 7 in the Global Issues program, the Community Problem Solving Program, has attended Nationals and for the last two years she has coached other students in FPS.


Thank you to our wonderful FPS coaches and student coaches for their ongoing commitment to the program. If your daughter is interested in finding out more, please ask her to email me or come along to the FPS Introductory Course which started this week. We have some very keen students who have begun their FPS journey this term.


Ms Robyn Roffey

Future Problem Solving Coordinator