From the Deputy’s Office

From the Deputy’s Office

School Safety and  Parking Information

I am calling on the co-operation of all parents in ensuring that care is taken and patience is demonstrated when driving through the school’s internal roads, and especially the Slip Road. The school has regulations in place regarding the management of traffic and parking within and around the school grounds.  These are intended to ensure the safety of the girls and so it is incumbent on us all – school staff, parents and visitors – to be aware of these and to uphold them.

The school has allocated areas for drop-off and pick-up so as to remove the need to park at the school in the mornings or afternoons. There are times when parking might be necessary, and again we require notices about parking to be followed at such times. This applies to Primary and Secondary students. Mount Pleasant Avenue and the Teresa Ball Carpark are not allocated drop-off areas.  Please only use the Slip Road.

Student drop-offs and pick-ups take place in the Slip Road on the Osborn Road side of the school on the internal road.  This is a drop off zone only and there is to be no parking or delayed stopping here.  There is supervision in this area from 8.15am in the morning and again after school until 3.30pm. Drivers using the slip road must give way to students crossing into or out of the school gate prior to taking a drop off spot on the slip road.

Further to what the school expects, we are of course obliged to uphold traffic regulations as set and enforced by police and council.  For this reason I attach  for your reference copies of notices we have received from NSW Police and Hornsby Shire Council.  I ask that you take some time to make yourselves aware of this.

I look forward to your cooperation and support with these matters and am confident that we can continue to work together for the best safety interests of our girls.


Emergency Procedures and Drills

At assembly this week I spoke with secondary students about an upcoming drill of our emergency procedures. I will be attending assembly in the primary school on Monday to speak with primary girls about this. As I know all parents appreciate, training of staff and exercises or drills are crucial to ensuring that we meet our obligations around safety and security and that all are fully aware of the procedures underpinning our emergency response plan.  For this reason, ,this upcoming Wednesday November 9 we have scheduled a drill of our emergency lockdown procedures.  I have wanted to inform parents so that you are aware that this is occurring and know that it will be an exercise only.



Ms Marina Ugonotti

Deputy Principal