Chief Operating Officer

Chief Operating Officer

At the end of the significant year of 2020, a joint initiative between our Pastoral Care, Archives and Facilities teams saw us bury a Time Capsule in our Oak Tree garden to be resurrected in a hundred years.

The burial gave us pause as a community to reflect on our past and our future; to recognise as staff and students that we are living at just one ‘moment’ in ongoing Loreto Normanhurst history.

When addressing the Class of 1887 at Mary’s Mount, Mother Gonzaga Barry famously urged them to “leave after you something on which others may build.” She was not the only Loreto visionary to refer to leadership in these future-focused terms. Our own Year 12 student leaders, who will be the Class of 2021, chose the motto “Here Comes the Sun” to foster a culture of progress and renewal for this new year. The words of our new Strategic Plan for 2023 also echo Mother Gonzaga Barry’s, affirming our mission as one that propels students to be compassionate, intelligent leaders of global change.

Our students are not the only ones to whom this call – to create a legacy on which others may build – applies. It is equally prioritised at all levels of operations. With a large proportion of our staff fulfilling support and operation roles, much of this ‘construction work’ happens behind the scenes in our Boarding, Finance, Human Resources, Grounds, Maintenance, ICT, Administration, Uniform Shop, Marketing and Communications, Enrolments and Community Engagement teams.

Over the past 12 months, new branding was launched to creatively express our unique values in our internal and external communications. ICT staff have expertly incorporated new technologies into daily operations and virtual school events. Our facilities were treated to some updates over summer, including the remodelling of two science labs and installation of an elevator in addition to the “business as usual” tasks that showcase such a beautiful school.  We also welcomed many new faces to our staff to continue to provide the depth in our teaching and professional services. Stage 1 of our Master Plan for 2047 is well under way in the form of our Green Travel Plan with the introduction of allocated shared car spaces and the Metro Shuttle bus. This week’s newsletter includes a detailed Community Update to this end. Importantly, through generous community contributions raising $192,616 for the Building Fund and $95,986 for the Bursary Welfare Fund in 2020 the School will be able to support the education of future Loreto girls.  

These many moving parts all contribute to our ‘moment’ in the history of our community. We can only imagine what their impact will prove to be. But we can be sure that, when they open our Time Capsule, our 2120 counterparts will be busy building a legacy of their own on the foundations we have laid.


Ms Jacquie McCann

Chief Operating Officer