Extra-Curricular and Oratory News

Extra-Curricular and Oratory News

Science Club

In Term 1, Science Club took advantage of the rainy weather and went searching for frogs within the Loreto Normanhurst grounds. During this activity we became citizen scientists contributing to the Australian Museum Frog ID project. We learnt about the importance of amphibians to the environment, the impact of climate change and how we can record meaningful data which goes to larger scientific studies. Click here for more information about Frog ID.

We also had fun using trial and error, as well as our understanding of how electrical circuits work when making Scribble-bots. This STEM activity was a great success and we created noisy, wobbling drawing machines. Our artwork is on display in Lab 56.

Science club runs every second Thursday after school for students in Year 7 and 8. New members are always welcome and can email Mrs Turkovic for more details.

Mrs Turkovic, Mrs Cantin and Mrs Truong

Theatresports Competition

Congratulations to the Years 9, 10 and 11 students who participated in our school-based Theatresports competition on Tuesday afternoon. Theatresports is a form of improvisational theatre performed in the format of a competition. The aim of this extra-curricular activity is to allow students to build their confidence, flex their dramatic muscles, and develop collaboration and communication skills – all while having fun.

The competition was a great way to start the term. Students fearlessly took to the stage to perform improvised scenes that were funny, engaging and incredibly clever. The competition was hosted by Ewan Campbell, a renowned improvisation comedy performer and the performances were accompanied by Year 11 pianist Ying Li. Our judges were Drama teachers Mrs. Chris Woods and Mrs. Amy Perry and our school Principal, Ms. Marina Ugonotti. A very big thank you to Ms. Hannah Montgomery who has trained the students on Tuesday afternoons and provided them with the skills and support needed to step so confidently into the unknown and create engaging performances completely on the spot!

A selection of participants will now go forward to represent our school at Impro Australia’s regional heats for the School Theatresports Challenge. We wish them luck!  

Below is a full list of the participants. Thank you girls for your energy and commitment. Your audience and the judges were extremely impressed by your willingness to jump in and work with your team mates to create theatre magic!

Sally Dalton

Ryleigh Bladen

Rosie Vaguhan

Audrey Kha

Olivia Clancy

Amreen Pandher

Ella Khoury

Lauren Lawer

Ella Taylor-Harvey

Jane Dobeson

Bella Kachel

Eloise Rose-Helbert

Jess Anderson

Isabella Lynch

Harriet Carmichael

Gabrielle Benson

Tahlia Moses

Charlotte Marks


Ms Anna-lea Russo
Head of Drama

Oratory News

Mock Mediation

Congratulations to our Mock Mediation team who participated in their 1st Round of the season and in Loreto Normanhurst’s first ever Mock Mediation. We await their results as this goes to print however well done to the following students who took on an active role.

Harriet Carmichael

Tahlia Moses

Jane Dobeson

Maria El Haddad

Hannah Cho

Monica Teng

Reserves: Saskia Chapman and Sairsha Davies

Mock Trial

Goodluck to our Mock Trial team who are participating in Round 2 of the competition against Normanhurst Boys this coming Tuesday. Make sure you check our results live via our Twitter handle @LNEXtraCurric. #LetsGoLoreto


Please find attached the Updated Draw for CSDA. Please note that the start of the season has been pushed back by one week. Students in this competition will now begin in Week 2.

Please also find the finalised draw for Archdale Debating.

We highly recommend all debaters participate in the Oratory Club for Term 2. Particularly students in Years 7-10. This will allow debaters to strengthen their skills in developing an argument.

Oratory Club

Nominations are still open for Oratory Club for Term 2. Students can register via this link.

As mentioned last term, students will engage in Current Affairs Topics, with the focus being on allowing students the opportunity to present a well-constructed and well considered argument, opinion or idea.

We encourage all debaters to take part in the Oratory Club in Term 2 to complement their training before their respective debates.

Youth UN NSW Evatt

Registrations are now open for NSW Youth UN Evatt competition. More information can be found here. If you are interested, you must register your interest first via oratory@loretonh.nsw.edu.au.

Students can nominate with their own partners. Guidance will be provided in the leadup to the event by a member of the Oratory Team.


If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact myself or the Academic Activities Leaders.

We are also looking for ex-students and parents who wish to be coaches or adjudicators for the Oratory program in 2021. Please contact the Oratory Team for further information



Ms Bernadette O’Dwyer

Oratory Coordinator