EXTDAY@LNH – Extended Day Program

EXTDAY@LNH – Extended Day Program

This program has been invaluable to us as we both work and to see her enjoy both the social and study components of the program has been wonderful.

As per this quote from a current parent, our EXTDAY@LNH program has been really popular and has many benefits for families.

Our Extended Day Program at Loreto Normanhurst operates from 3.00pm until 8.00pm each Monday to Thursday during the school term. EXTDAY@LNH is an after-school program offered to all day students in Years 5 to 9.

EXTDAY@LNH offers flexibility around school pick-up times and provides an engaging environment where students can enjoy social interactions with peers from different year groups. It also delivers the opportunity for students to receive attentive after-hours supervision and participate in sustained periods of guided study, ably supported by qualified teachers and homework helpers.

Incorporated into this offering are a variety of supervised recreational activities plus access to a wide range of extra-curricular initiatives held on the school campus. EXTDAY@LNH participants will join the boarding community for components of their daily schedule. Dinner is supplied to the students just before at 6.00pm, with boarders joining with the group at various times during the term. Afternoon tea and dinner are included in the daily charge.

EXTDAY@LNH is overseen by teaching staff from Loreto Normanhurst. Families can choose which day(s) of the week a student will attend each term. For Loreto Normanhurst students this program offers the opportunity to foster personal and social development and develop key life skills such as independence, self-efficacy and tenacity.

If you are interested in enrolling or re-enrolling your daughter in EXTDAY@LNH please complete this application form.

For any further questions or queries you can contact us at extday@loretonh.nsw.edu.au

EXTDAY@LNH Schedule Overview


  • Sign-in at the Mary Ward Centre when school day concludes
  • Afternoon tea


  • Supervised recreation & Extra-curricular activities
  • Year 5-6 Sport ends at 4.30pm, students return to MWC


  • Group relocates to Level 2 Gonzaga Barry Centre
  • Year 7-9 Sport ends 5.00pm, students meet group in GBC


  • Study Session 1: Homework help and guided study with boarders


  • Dinner (packaged Boarder’s dinner delivered to the GBC)


  • Flexible time: Board games, quiet reading, craft, sewing or other hobbies


  • Study Session 2: Homework help and guided study with boarders
  • Year 5-6 students may choose to read or engage in other independent activities

Feedback from current families

Please see a selection of the feedback that has been received from families:

“This program has been invaluable to us as we both work and to see her enjoy both the social and study components of the program has been wonderful.”

“My daughter attends twice per week and loves it.”

“[My daughter] really enjoys the homework assistance, which is leading to gradually increasing confidence in her assessment work. She also enjoys the feeling of camaraderie and increased participation in the life of the school outside of normal school hours.”

“[My daughter] thinks [EXTDAY@LNH] is the greatest thing she’s ever done. It’s an excellent program and offers so much supervision, assistance and interaction for the girls.”


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of the EXTDAY@LNH Program?

$50 per afternoon billed to student accounts. Enrolment is for an entire term.

How will EXTDAY@LNH be staffed?

EXTDAY@LNH will be overseen by members of the teaching staff. Boarding supervisors will also be present during supervised study sessions.

Where does the program take place?

Students meet in the Mary Ward Centre (MWC) and move to Level 2 of the GBC for guided study sessions. Dinner is in the dining room in the Boarding House.

Will my daughter need to attend every afternoon or every week?

You select the day(s) of the week on which your daughter will attend. She must attend those days each week for the term. You will be charged for the whole term.

How do I notify the School if my daughter is sick or has an appointment or otherwise will not be attending EXTDAY@LNH?

Please send details to extday@loretonh.nsw.edu.au prior to 3.00pm.

If my daughter is absent will I still be charged? Are make-up days available?

Your account will be charged for the term. At this stage, make-up days are not available.

What happens if a Public Holiday falls on my daughter’s EXTDAY@LNH day?

EXTDAY@LNH will not operate on a non-school day and you will not be billed for that afternoon. The total cost for the term will take into account any public holidays or pupil free days falling within the term.

How will EXTDAY@LNH accommodate my daughter’s extra-curricular commitments?

Sometimes students have sport training or other extra-curricular commitments until 4.30pm or 5.00pm. Students involved in these activities will join the EXTDAY@LNH group at the conclusion of their extra-curricular commitment. Students are able to join the program at the MWC or GBC, depending on timing, and then participate for the remainder of the Program until 8.00pm. Please note, that you will still be charged the full fee for afternoon.

Do students need to wear uniform to EXTDAY@LNH?

Yes. Students will generally be in their uniform anyway. If students join the group after sport training, they may attend in their training attire.

Will the School facilitate transport home?

We ask parents to make all arrangements to collect their daughters between 6.30pm and 8.00pm.

You will be asked to provide the details of guardians who may be collecting your daughter.

Where do I collect my daughter at the end of the evening?

All student pick-ups will occur in Slip Road (on Osborne Road).

Can parents arrange car-pooling for pick up?

We encourage parents to use efficient means to collect their daughters from EXTDAY@LNH. You will be asked to provide the details of all individuals who may be collecting your daughter.

Am I able to pick up my daughter before 8.00pm?

We prefer that students are collected after 6.30pm. There may be times when it is necessary to collect your daughter earlier than this. Simply email extday@loretonh.nsw.edu.au or provide your daughter with a note outlining the time you will collect your daughter. Please note that you will still be invoiced the full cost of the Program for that afternoon.

Can my daughter’s individual dietary needs be catered for?

Yes. Upon application, you will be asked for these details.

How do I apply?

Please complete this application form.

What if I have other questions?

For all questions, comments or other feedback, please contact extday@loretonh.nsw.edu.au