The past few weeks have been busy ones for the Green Team, filled with preparing for Enviroweek.

Enviroweek is a yearly celebration of positive change – a week to showcase the efforts that the school has made over the past year, and raise awareness of the causes that have been supported and the importance of being environmentally conscious.

Throughout the week, we will be having Low Waste Wednesday every day, which was an initiative introduced to promote low waste throughout the school on Wednesdays. After the success of last year, we will also have a display in the LRC, which will be organised by Ms Green and the library team. We will be promoting our mobile muster– everyone is encouraged to bring in an old mobile phone, and they will be taken away and recycled. And yes, there will be house prizes! Similarly, we will be having a used battery collection, and on the Wednesday 14th, old batteries can be exchanged for cake! If you don’t have some used batteries lying around, the treats can be purchased with a gold coin donation – please don’t buy a new packet of batteries! To end the week there will be a Kahoot quiz, with some eco-friendly prizes to be won.

Even more exciting, we will have Ettore Altomare from OzHarvest speaking to us. OzHarvest is a fantastic organisation that collects excess food from commercial businesses and delivers it free of charge to more than 800 charities. This is especially important as we as a school continue to work on our waste management, with the majority of our waste being food-based.

But, even when Enviroweek finishes we will be hard at work! As a school, we are moving towards a ban on balloons, as both helium and plastic are non-renewable resources. Moreover, we are going to introduce separated rubbish bins into the grounds. We have been working towards this recently, with the school moving away from mixed waste bins that can be easily contaminated by food waste, making some waste unrecyclable.

As with last year, there will be a chance to vote for Loreto in the Enviroweek People’s Choice Awards, which gives us the chance to win prizes as a school. Last year we were on top for a while, and came second in the end, allowing us to win a Cloey closed loop composting system – a composter that is self-managing over a period of 24 hours. The link to our profile will be online soon.

Enviroweek starts next Thursday the 8th of September, and will continue through to Wednesday the 14th.


Isabella Mincher

Member of the Green Team