Director of Philanthropy and Community Engagement

Director of Philanthropy and Community Engagement

If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants. – Sir Isaac Newton

This quote may be the inspiration for this year’s Annual Giving appeal, but it also reflects the very spirit and legacy of the entire Loreto Normanhurst community: teachers who help to foster a love of learning amongst our students; parents who shape a strength of character amongst their daughters; professional staff who nurture a caring environment from the earliest enrolment touchstone through to graduation and beyond; ex-students who volunteer their time and continue to give back, giving meaning to the tradition of “Once a Loreto girl, always a Loreto girl.”

Stepping into my role as Director of Philanthropy and Community Engagement, and joining the hardworking team in the Development Office who also have stood on the shoulders of those who have come before, it has been heart-warming to be welcomed into this kind community. This has been demonstrated not only in thoughtful actions for me as a new staff member (chocolate mousse delivered to my desk!) but in the generosity of the community in supporting our students through the Music Festival.

As I write this, 250 members of our community—including staff, board members, current parents, past parents and ex-students – have contributed $46,597 towards the Bursary Fund, helping to open doors to a Loreto education and change lives of girls who might not otherwise have this opportunity. This is in addition to 53 others who have thoughtfully contributed to the Building Fund and Bursary Fund this year. Thank you for giving to this important program for our girls – during these challenging times, your support matters more than ever.  

 I’ve received many questions since commencing my position here at the end of Term 2, the most common being “What does the Director of Philanthropy and Community Engagement do?”.  The Community Engagement part of my title is the easiest to explain – the Enrolments, Marketing and Communications and Development teams fall within my remit. Together, we engage with the community in the widest sense of the term including the dedicated and invaluable volunteers of the Parent Association of Loreto and the Ex-Students’ Association. 

 Which leads me back to where I started this article. This is the core of my passion and it’s also the core of philanthropy. Robert Smith describes philanthropy as “the love of humanity”—it’s about valuing the welfare of others—and it’s something I’ve clearly witnessed from our parent community. The love you have for your daughters is expressed in your choice to give them a wonderful education, and by giving to the School Bursary Fund and the Building Fund, you’ve expressed your love for humanity by providing an education and supporting the wellbeing of other students in need.

Mother Gonzaga Barry IBVM called upon us to “leave after you something on which others may build”. This really sums up philanthropy, and it also answers the question of what I do. I look forward to working with you and others in the Loreto Normanhurst community to honour the legacy of those who have come before, and those who will follow in your footsteps.

I encourage you to contact me if there is anything that I can assist you with via email at or phone 02 9473 7300 .

We are less than $3500 away from our $50,000 Music Festival fundraising goal! If you have not yet made a donation, but would like to help change a girl’s life so that she, too, can stand on the shoulders of giants, please make a gift today via this link.


Ms Liane Giuliano

Director of Philanthropy and Community Engagement