Director of Pastoral Care

I am frequently inspired by the varied and abundant life of Loreto Normanhurst. On Friday evening, Sr Libby Rogerson IBVM spoke at the Principal’s Student Leadership Dinner, a gathering of our Year 11 girls on the Student Council and their parents. Sr Libby challenged us all to embrace diversity in our community: “It is not just about welcoming, it is about recognising this is an opportunity for the school to be enriched by another culture, another point of view, another way of seeing the world. As leaders, we must fight against subsuming people under the dominant culture, one with strict rules about what is ‘in’ from fashion to food to mobile devices; to music and social activities. Diversity invites exchange, learning and above all else, widening the horizon, helping the school community to grow and dream bigger dreams and behold greater visions.” Let’s all warmly welcome, invite and include students and families into our circle of friendship.

In recent months, there have been a number of parties hosted by students. This a usually a lovely way of acknowledging significant event or achievements. However, there are occasions when our students are deeply troubled by the behaviour of guests and use of social media at these events. It is timely to be reminded of the following:

  • Parents are responsible for the safety and wellbeing of all guests. This means that a strong presence of adults who actively supervise is required. This supervision also relates to the manner of communicating the invitation, the content of the invitation (no reference to alcohol), an invitation list and parent contact details. For advice when you daughter is attending a party   and hosting a party.
  • Our students are well educated about the need to act responsibly when using social media. They should not take photos and videos of others and post these images to social media without permission. Unkind comments are not to be posted and are totally unacceptable.

We have spoken to many students in recent days regarding their use of Snapchat, Instagram and other social Medias. The girls have admitted that many have more than one account and often use anonymous sub-features of Instagram to communicate with each other. When using Anonymous Compliments and Cute Couples, some inappropriate and unacceptable words and images can be posted anonymously. Please speak with your daughter about her use of social media – how does she communicate with her friends? Who sees the words and images that she posts? Does she always feel safe when online?



Mrs Gabrielle Stooke

 Director of Pastoral Care