Director of Mission

Director of Mission

The new role of Director of Mission and the creation of a Mission Team at Loreto Normanhurst is directly in response to the vision and mission of the school, and the intent of our current Strategic Plan. The implementation of this team addresses the three strategic pathways, a Person-centred school, a Faith-centred school and an Ecology-centred school.

In their constitution, the Loreto Sisters articulate mission in this way; ‘Mission is at the heart of who we are, and love is the driving force that urges us on.’ IBVM Constitutions Vol.ii 2.1

As a school community, we are committed to delivering our mission in the spirit of Mary Ward. As such in this new role as Director of Mission, I will oversee the strategic direction in four key areas:

  • the spiritual and liturgical life of the school;
  • our call to social justice and the response to this call through action and advocacy for the rights of all humanity;
  • ecology and a sustainable response to the care of our environment for future generations, and;
  • immersions, where students will be given opportunities to walk with people and communities where there is great need.

This is a journey of companionship with all members of our Loreto community and will be one that is approached in a spirit of shared and collaborative leadership. The life of Jesus Christ, the spirituality of St Ignatius and the Charism of Mary Ward are the perfect way for us to grow as a community, in a world where there is so much need to model love, hope and mercy as Jesus intended.

Education and relationships are crucial to ensuring that those within our community continue throughout their lives to respond to Jesus. This role has an enormous sphere of influence both here within our community and in the wider community, and I am humbled by this. It is important that as a Loreto School we respond to the current calls of the IBVMs, to ‘Reclaim the freshness of the Gospel, allowing Jesus to transform our lives, to bring those forced to live in poverty to the centre of our life and ministry, to go where the need is greatest, to live sustainably, discerning what is enough and to create the oneness that moves us across boundaries.’ These calls are a path to guide the Loreto Normanhurst community to implement and respond to its Strategic Plan.

Innovation, courage and relationships are central to ensuring the Mission Team has a strategic impact on all areas of the community. With the support of students, staff and families of Loreto Normanhurst, the call to discipleship and mission will be powerful.

Mrs Elizabeth  Parker

Director of Mission