Director of Mission

Director of Mission

2017 has been an extraordinary year at Loreto Normanhurst. We have been graced by God’s presence each moment of the day by the miracle we call life. To fully understand the importance of all that has occurred in the life of this beautiful school, we need to understand this in terms of Mission.

Everything we say and do begins with our Mission. As a Christian, Catholic community, our spirituality is guided by St Ignatius and Mary Ward. As a Loreto school, we understand that God’s Mission calls us to discipleship and to ensure the gospel values of Jesus and the values of Sincerity, Justice, Freedom, Felicity and Verity are embodied in our everyday life and work in the service of others. For 120 years this has been the Mission of Loreto Normanhurst.

Each relationship and interaction is a reflection of God and is a constant reminder that we indeed can find God in all things. If we reflect on the learning and collaboration that has flowed throughout the relationships within Loreto Normanhurst during 2017, we can see that students, teachers, parents and staff all strive for continual growth. This is the magis. Magis means ‘the more universal good’ and this is what each of us in this community strive for every day; to learn more, to be more, to grow and to be better, and to improve life, not only for ourselves, but for others as well.

Community activities such as the 120-year Eucharist celebration, the Music Festival, Loreto Day, the Far North Queensland Experience, Spring Fair and the ‘120 Inspirational Loreto Women’ book and launch, are a few events that showcase who we are at Loreto Normanhurst. They also demonstrate by their very nature what we understand our Mission to be; that is, to bring the love of Christ to all who we meet and to those on whose behalf we advocate.

As we prepare for Christmas through the season of Advent, let us focus on all the hints that surround us about the coming of Jesus. Let us try not to get distracted by the loud white noise of excess and consumerism and open our eyes and hearts to the gentle love a mother has for her child and the compassion shown to her by a stranger who offered her shelter.

Jessica Mesman Griffith writes in her book, ‘Grace Filled Days’, “We prepare in Advent not just for Christ’s coming but also for his returning. We say in the creed every week that it’s this event we await so joyfully. Life is all about how we will cope with endings—not just the end of life but the end of childhood, the end of a relationship, the end of good health. How we say good-bye matters more than how we say hello. Jesus wants us to view endings not with fear and sadness but with a sense of opportunity: will this ending bring me one step closer to fulfilment, completion, and bountiful harvest?”

With this in mind we pray for all those whom we have encountered in 2017 and remember both the joyful and challenging times we have shared. “Let us rediscover the beauty of being together along the way: the Church, with her vocation and mission, and the whole of humanity, the people, the civilizations, the cultures, all together on the paths of time.” (Pope Francis)

May the Blessings of Christmas be with you,
May the Christ Child light your way,
May God’s holy angels guide you,
And keep you safe each day.


Mrs Libby Parker

Director of Mission