Director of Learning

Director of Learning

Loreto Normanhurst – A Community of Growth

2019 has begun with great energy and anticipation.  With sincerity guiding us as our value for the year we are reminded of what it is to be true to ourselves, to act with authenticity and to be open to the growth of ourselves and the growth of others.  What a perfect lens for us to reflect on our roles in educating the girls who are in our care – for parents and teachers alike.  As such, our teachers here at Loreto have been reflecting on what student growth looks like and how we can develop conditions that are optimal for our students to flourish. 

The value of sincerity has been so beautifully articulated by our student leaders in our sincerity prayer as they offer up the words: our God “accept[s] our strengths and struggles, delight[s] in our diversity and uniqueness”.  Indeed, the strengths, struggles, diversity and weaknesses that enrich our community should be at the forefront of our minds, as we work with our students and daughters to bring them to their own self-acceptance.  This self-acceptance and self-love will in turn lead to their development and growth across the FACE curriculum. 

It was precisely this topic – the growth of our students – that we were able to celebrate at the conclusion of 2018 at our Years 7-11 Awards Ceremony on 7 December.  We were delighted to see so many parents present to celebrate the successes of our students across a wide array of areas.  There were over 1000 certificates, medals and trophies issued on the day, and a plethora of major awards also bestowed on worthy recipients.  I would like to take this opportunity to again acknowledge the major award winners:

ADF Long Tan Leadership and Teamwork Award

Caitlin La Rose – Year 10 2018

Reuben F.Scarf Award for exceptional commitment, integrity and generosity

Sarah Donnison – Year 11 2018

Johanna Roach Memorial Shield for a student in Year 8 who demonstrates kindness, generosity and creative flair

Eden Thomas – Year 8 2018

Sister Veronica Reid Award for Environmental Stewardship

Emma Davies – Year 10 2018

Burgett Family Award for a student who supports the values of the school and the school community

Anastasia Leaver – Year 11 2018

Macquarie University Professional and Community Engagement Prize

Abigail Mulcaster – Year 11 2018

Sydney University Prize for Academic Excellence in Year 10

Isabella Greenhalgh – Year 10 2018

The Cath Leary Prize for Service to Social Justice

Luka Swain – Year 10 2018

The Sister Eileen Kean Year 10 Award for Excellence in Mathematics

Olivia Carrozzi – Year 10 2018

The Matt Kean Award for Leadership

Susannah Coady – Year 11 2018

The Dr Leoni Degenhardt Award for Distinguished Achievement in Holistic Learning

Abby Hartshorne – Year 10 2018

The Hornsby Shire Council Award for Academic Excellence in Year 11

Grace Campbell – Year 11 2018

The Merril O’Halloran Year 10 Award for Excellence in PDHPE

Grace Napoli – Year 10 2018

The Jennifer Trotter Award for Australian History

Isabella Greenhalgh – Year 10 2018.


There were also many students recognised for their academic achievement with the Principal’s Award for Academic Excellence – we extend our congratulations to these students. 

We also acknowledge Grace Campbell, who was the recipient of the Academy Access Award from Western Sydney University.  Grace and her family attended a ceremony at the university on 11 December 2018.  This award acknowledges the academic excellence of a Year 11 student, providing the recipient with an incredible range of options in the future such as overseas development programs, internships, mentoring programs and UN forums in Asia, to name a few.  Congratulations to Grace for demonstrating a truly holistic approach to her learning and embracing so many opportunities here at Loreto. 

I look forward to sharing many more student growth stories with the community as the year unfolds. 

Grace Campbell,Year 11 2018, recipient of the Academy Access Award from Western Sydney University 


Ms Kieryn Bateman

Director of Learning