Director of ICT

Director of ICT

The Year of Fallow: What does it mean for ICT and innovation at Loreto Normanhurst?

With the proclamation from Ms Watkins that 2016 is to be “A Year of Fallow” at Loreto Normanhurst, one might wonder: what sort of impact could this mean for a school that strives to keep abreast and on top of technological change for staff and students?

The answer is: good things!  2015 started with quite a bit of new (and positive) technological disruption at the School, with the introduction of three new impactful cloud services that the School quickly came to rely on.  Services such as Google Drive and Canvas Learning Management System have provided us with solutions to some long-standing challenges such as reliable student data storage, effortless sharing and collaboration, and providing a central platform for online aspects of Teaching & Learning.  Staff and students rose to and embraced the challenges of change and surprised us with new ways of working and learning.

In the Year of Fallow, we now turn to optimising and consolidating these changes in and out of the classroom, as well as planning and preparing for more change in 2017.

With the reopening of the Primary School in 2015, we have been blessed with an operating proof-of-concept for one of those changes to come next year: a Bring Your Own (BYO) student technology provision model for Years 7 & 10, 2017. The BYOiPad program in Primary School presented a steep learning curve for students, teachers, parents and Loreto ICT alike and I am happy to report that all involved met that challenge with grace and fantastic outcomes were achieved.  While the Years 7 & 10 2017 BYO program will look, feel and operate in a different way, the success of the program in Primary School fills me with confidence that next year’s changes will be met and embraced in a similar way. The Year of Fallow affords us with planning and preparation time to ensure its success.

Of course BYO is not the only project we are planning for; changes and improvements in the way the School handles data, communicates, works and learns with ICT are also in planning mode this year, and the future looks bright. 

I, as always, look forward to our journey ahead, working together to bring the best to our Loreto Normanhurst Community.


Mr Jason Arruzza

Director of ICT