Director of Development

Director of Development

The end of Term is an opportune time to reflect on the joys that the past weeks have brought us.  The beginning of the school year always brings the excitement of new and renewed friendships for students, staff, parents and friends of Loreto. 

At Loreto Normanhurst we celebrate these friendships and this year we held a Cocktail Party to mark 120 years of Loreto Normanhurst education which was supported by over 500 parents and staff. 

During this milestone year we acknowledge the legacy of the IBVM Sisters which calls us to be true to the Loreto values, to be inclusive of those within our Loreto community and beyond and to support Loreto Normanhurst into the future as so many have done before us. The encouragement and nurturing of community has a special place at Loreto Normanhurst and is very much the focus of the work of the Development Team. 

I have recently returned from the Principal’s Overseas Trip and during this time it was wonderful to witness the vibrant Loreto community that exists internationally.  In Hong Kong we met with current, past and future families together with ex-students currently living in or visiting Hong Kong. In London our gathering was attended by alumni from the 1960s through to students who graduated in 2016.  The common bond was evident – the love of a school that demonstrates values, mission and commitment today, as it has in the years gone by and will indeed continue to do so into the future.

For me the gathering of the Loreto community both locally and world-wide is a true example of Mary Ward’s Open Circle – always inclusive and welcoming of all.  Our shared friendships are a significant reminder of our history, our connection with one another and the joy of being a part the Loreto Normanhurst story. 

I would like to take this opportunity to thank our Loreto communities in both Hong Kong and the UK for their hospitality, support and friendship during our journey.  

Whilst I was away of course the work of Development continued through Enrolments particularly after such a successful Open Day, Marketing and Communications and Events including the Primary Picnic and the City Country Mothers’ Lunch.

Plans for further 120 year projects will be rolled out in Term 2 and I look forward to sharing these with you on our return to school at the end of April.  I wish you and your families an enjoyable and safe holiday.


Ms Alicia Maunsell

Director of Development