Director of Boarding

This week the Boarding School has seen the benefits of the wonderful community of which we are a part of. Over the weekend a number of our North Coast families were watching the bush fire front carefully, preparing and cleaning their properties. Some were evacuated, some were cut off (and still are), some were helping out at evacuation centres and others opened their homes to those who were evacuated. All families and their communities were in our prayers at mass on Sunday night, and will continue to be, as some of the larger fires are still impacting our families and their communities.

On Monday the school prepared for evacuation as the fire warnings in the Hornsby area escalated to catastrophic. Students were told about the school closure by Ms Kearns after lunch, and I then also spoke to the boarders. Communication that was sent to all parents about the school closure,  also asked for support for day families to host boarders for two nights until the fire threat in our area passed. By 3.00pm we had over 90 offers of help and support from Loreto families and all 130 of our boarders were accommodated. We are very conscious that we have not been able to personally get back to everyone and thank them as the volume of calls and emails was huge. So, thank you all so much for every generous offer and words of encouragement that were phoned or emailed in. It is in times like this that the community we are a part of is so important. The connections between day and boarding families are so vital for us to be able to provide all the extra support needed, not only in times of crisis, but also for help with excursions, sport or to just have a meal and a swim.

On Thursday, new boarders in Years 7-11 for 2020 participated in Orientation Day and then had a sleepover in the boarding school followed by a day of family interviews today. On Thursday night the new boarder parents enjoyed dinner together where they could meet a number of current parents and members of PAL, the Boarder Parent Committee, and boarding staff. This is the beginning of their experience as a Loreto parent, and as boarder parents, it adds another layer of connection that goes towards building the village that cares for their daughter.

On Sunday 24 November, we have a community event that families might like to support. The school has a home in Mount Pleasant Avenue that will be used as accommodation for our boarder families when they travel to Sydney from 2020. The home had been occupied for a very long time and is in need of a lot of maintenance work to clean up the gardens, remove wallpaper and old carpets and many other tasks. A number of our boarding families will be helping out with a good old fashion working bee so that the house is ready for the boarders return in 2020. If you have some free time, please come along and join us for a couple of hours. Please email Boarder Reception for further details or phone 02 9487 3500.

Part of our strategic vision in boarding is the growth and strengthening of our community connections. The strength of our boarding community is supported and thriving because of the support from Loreto families. Thank you for all you do to support the boarders.


Mrs Kate Kovacs

Director of Boarding