Director of Boarding

Director of Boarding

There is a genuine hum of life seven days a week when a school has a boarding community and here at Loreto Normanhurst our 156 boarders are well into the swing of Loreto life as  Week 3 comes to a close.

Last weekend was Commitment Weekend which celebrates boarding life at Loreto Normanhurst. The Boarder Council, along with all the Year 12 boarders, organised a wonderful weekend of games, a disco and movie night, culminating with a trip to Clifton Gardens on Sunday.

This year we have 35 new boarders from Years 7-11 and they are settling well into the Loreto community. This is a demanding experience, whether you are 11 or 17 years old, sharing space, different routines, and constantly having so many people around you. For some of our boarders there are more girls sleeping in their dormitory than went to their primary school! The constant movement and hum of noise can be challenging, but the joy of having so many ‘sisters’ and the variety of activities, sports and co-curricular that Loreto provides, keeps the energy level high and the girls busy meeting new friends.

Day girls may develop a friendship with a boarder and you may like to  invite her as a guest in your home either for the afternoon, a meal, a day or overnight. If arrangements are made for a boarder to spend some time at your home, you will receive an email or text to respond to. If you would like to change any details about the visit, please ring Boarder Reception on 9487 3500 by 8.00pm Thursday evening. We also encourage you to contact the boarder’s parents regarding your proposed arrangements as well.

The Boarding School appreciates any help parents can offer in regards to sport transport, so please let us know if you can help collect boarders from your daughter’s team and take them to and from their game. 

We have six Gap Assistants in the Boarding School who contribute greatly to our program and help us provide extra care, especially in the evenings. They work throughout the school during the day including in the Primary School, and assist in a variety of areas. We have two new Gap Assistants from South Africa and four from the UK who are into their second six months at Loreto Normanhurst.

Our boarding community is unique and we look forward to sharing this with you all.


Mrs Kate Kovacs

Director of Boarding