Director of Boarding

Director of Boarding

Loreto Boarding is committed to developing and promoting a strong sense of community which values integrity, justice, verity, freedom, and sincerity.

Each term  boarders participate in a Community Weekend. These Community Weekends are intended to build positive relationships within the boarding school between both staff and boarders and boarders and peers to enhance and practically apply our school values. The activities focus on building horizontal and vertical relationships and general boarder spirit in an atmosphere of joy and celebration.

It also enhances the girls’ boarding experience by:

  • Providing leadership opportunities for the boarders across all age groups.
  • Providing a variety of experiences to encourage spiritual, physical, social, emotional, moral and intellectual growth.
  • Providing opportunities to help the girls continue to learn to live with and respect others.
  • Providing opportunities to share their personal gifts and talents with each other.
  • Encouraging all boarders to be self-motivated in their leisure pursuits.
  • Encouraging all boarders to build and strengthen their values.

Throughout the year boarders and staff have participated in a wide variety of activities and pursuits including: Pound fitness, Zumba, Let’s Dance, flag making, movies, study sessions, counsellor-led activities, baking, mindfulness, volunteering at Exodus, picnics in the local park, swimming and picnics at the beach, musical chairs, discos, craft activities, and pampering sessions.

The girls are together 24/7  and we always work on what it means to be a community and to grow and nurture our boarding culture so that the girls who call Loreto home for 36 weeks of the year, feel happy, safe and valued by all. These weekends are vital to all  boarders to ensure they live in a relaxed and joy-filled environment ready to try new things, grow their friendships and try out their leadership skills.


Mrs Kate Kovacs

Director of Boarding