Director of Boarding

Director of Boarding

The Boarding School is a strangely quiet place without the girls to fill it with their noise, exuberance and joy. The Sunday of their return saw the light and heart come back into the school, and we know we are ready to start the new year again.

Boarding, by nature, is about building and growing relationships. The new girls are welcomed by their friends and it doesn’t take long before the rhythm returns to both staff and boarders. This year we were gifted with an extra day to build relationships and get to know one another. The proposed rail strike, that never eventuated, gave 154 girls and staff the opportunity to have a day that was gentle and calm – a sleep in, a swim, games and plenty of food. The senior girls led the younger boarders and there was little time to feel upset or worried.

Last weekend we had our Commitment Weekend, held from Friday to Sunday, enjoying games and dancing, watching movies and jumping off the jetty at Clifton Gardens. The final jetty jump for Year 12 is a time honoured tradition and a wonderful finish to a weekend of celebration.

This year in boarding we will be continuing our work on getting a good night sleep and the impact technology has on this area of the girls’ wellbeing. Many of the boarders acknowledged that their bedtime routine did not involve good choices to get the best night’s sleep and were keen to make some changes.

We are working really hard  to help the girls:

  • create regular routines;
  • have a one-hour break between study and sleep;
  • have a one-hour break between the use of any electronic device and sleep; and
  • keep bedrooms an electronic free zone.

As you can imagine when dealing with 154 individuals living together, having good routines for all is vital. The girls thrive when they feel safe and secure, sleep well, feel good about themselves and are in good relationships with their peers. We have a one-phone, one-computer policy, Years 7-10 hand their phones and laptops in at night and wifi connection times are age appropriate across the years. All this is implemented with the best research taken into consideration.

For day families, your daughter may have developed a friendship with a boarder and you may like to have her as a guest in your home either for the afternoon, a meal, a day or overnight. If a boarder is going to spend some time with you, you will receive a text which will require your response. If you would like to change the details that have been submitted, please ring Boarder Reception on 02 9487 3500 by 8.00pm on Thursday evening. We also encourage you to make contact with the boarder’s parents regarding your proposed arrangements.

The boarding school appreciates any help that you can offer in regards to sport transport. If you are passing this way on a Saturday and can collect any boarders from your daughter’s team, please let us know. The logistics of ensuring they make their games all over Sydney can be demanding.

Our community is unique and we look forward to sharing all the Boarding School offers with you .


Mrs Kate Kovacs

Director of Boarding