Director of Boarding

Director of Boarding

Why choose Boarding?

Mary Ward’s vision of passionate and creative women of wisdom and integrity is at the core of the boarding experience where learning and relationships are of central importance. The boarding school provides a community for all those who reside under its roof.

Boarding provides a rich environment that encourages the establishment and growth of values and behaviours which in turn helps build and support a wonderful culture of generosity and graciousness. It is a school life that is enhanced by routines that maximise all that Loreto has to offer.

It helps create an environment for girls to thrive and allow their talents to shine. The girls can truly extend themselves beyond the classroom and not only do they achieve academically but they find something far more meaningful and enduring. Relationships, independence and leadership skills mature and flourish in an environment that nurtures each individual to strive for success.

The school expectation is that  all boarders and their families  join wholeheartedly in the boarding experience, not only through participation in events but also in support of the ethos and values of the school. Community living is about nurturing the well being and growth of all those who are part of the community and in so doing, all boarders will thrive.

At the heart of a Loreto Normanhurst education is the FACE Curriculum and the residential boarding context sees this lived out by the girls with full parent support.

The building of relationships across the recreation and downtimes in boarding, the sharing of stories and life experiences from country, overseas and local girls, creates a natural environment of pastoral care for peers and younger students. As educators in boarding, we are privileged to be in a position to be part of influencing a student as they move towards adulthood.

Boarding offers life opportunities on a daily basis from dances, dressing up, theme dinners, helping out after hours, waitressing for functions, performing impromptu concerts, choirs, caring for their belongings, living in community, caring for others or allowing themselves to be cared for when required. They learn to access and use opportunities available to them such as Homework Help, and being part of co-curricular passions such as dance and team or individual sports. Boarders become involved in mentoring younger students, managing their after school hours’ time, taking on many more co-curricular opportunities than they could when they had to factor in travel, independent study opportunities and supervised study in younger years, as the girls learn to manage their time, and working in groups at night and on weekends to positively enhance homework, study and revision practices. Boarders are able to participate fully in liturgical, sacramental and spiritual opportunities that enhances the whole person and provides opportunities for all to grow in awareness and understanding of their faith.

There is a strong academic culture amongst all the boarders, this is particularly evident from Year 10 as their workload increases and the girls establish their own study routines for their subjects. The Academic Care Manager for the Boarding School oversees the academic dimension as they find their way to excellence in this area.

The Boarders build relationships with girls from different cultures, religions, nationalities, philosophies and year groups. They develop strong relationships with their families as they grow in independence and increasingly value the efforts of their parents to ensure that they have every opportunity to grow and thrive.

You would have read with interest Ms Watkins’ letter regarding changes to boarding in 2018.   We are excited about the flexibility, diversification and growth that this opportunity  will provide . If you would like more information on boarding or to discuss boarding as an option for your daughter. Please email the Enrolments Manager,   Mrs  Odette Perkins.


Mrs Kate Kovacs

Director of Boarding