Director of Boarding

On Sunday 9th October the buses arrived and our boarders were ready to start Term 4. The Year 12 Boarders are also amongst this group of girls and they have been back hard at work and in the routine of community living again. The HSC began with English in Week 1, and on the first Monday morning the girls start the routine that will suit them for the next four weeks.

For many of the girls the discipline and structure of boarding has been six years in the making and they are keen to be back with their peers to study as this is what they are used to and what they thrive from. There is a variety of options available to the girls to choose from as to how they would like to spend their study hours during the day.

For many, the quiet of their bedrooms and an individual study space with their notes pinned up around them on the wall is ideal. Some head down to the common room and work on the white boards, they require food to keep the motivation high and the company to keep them on task. Another group will head over to the LRC and use the bigger desks or the glass rooms for group revision. Most of the girls will use a variety of options throughout the day and the bells and midday gong set the pace of their learning.

In the evening the girls can use the LRC until 9.00pm and we have a variety of subject specific  Homework Helpers who the girls can access for any questions that couldn’t cover during the day or just general reassurance that they are on the right track.

The girls fit in their exercise each day and patiently wait for their morning tea and lunch at the kitchen and then head out to the lawn to relax in the sun. Each completed exam is carefully marked off the calendar and then there are usually groups off to Hornsby, Wahroonga or down the hill at Normanhurst to debrief over hot chocolate, coffee and hot chips. Parents arrive to take them on leave if the breaks between the exams allow it and others are just straight back into it to prepare for the next exam.

They care for one another and enjoy the comradery of their friends as they travel through these last  weeks of their school life. 


Mrs Kate Kovacs

Director of Boarding