Director of Boarding

Sunday evening is the beginning of the week for our boarders. Father David Ranson, from Holy Name Parish in Wahroonga, joins us to celebrate the Eucharist, a defining experience in the Catholic faith and the tie that binds any christian community making us one.

Each year group takes it in turns to prepare and serve. Our Chapel Ensemble led by Year 11 and 12, practice during the week and lead us in the hymns for the evening. The Year 12 Eucharistic Ministers distribute communion and the Boarder Captain and Vice-Captain make the final announcements and dismiss the girls for the evening. It is their Mass – a time to come together as a boarding school to be part of a community that celebrates with genuine prayer each week, where we join with the Church in marking the seasons of the year, experience the deeper reality of faith that reflection provides and where we are able to stop and recognise the blessings of life. It is a privilege to have the opportunity each week to experience this practice of faith.

β€œIt is perhaps the best legacy we can pass on: the faith! To educate in the faith, to make it grow. To help children, young people and adults to know and love the Lord more and more is one of the most exciting aspects of education. It builds up the Church!” Pope Francis


Our boarding community extends a warm welcome to all Loreto parents who would like to join us on Sunday for Mass at 7.30pm.