Development News and Events

Development News and Events

Parent Association of Loreto (PAL)

Congratulations to  Mr Paul White and  Mrs Louise Wytenburg who were elected as Co-Presidents for 2019 at last week’s PAL AGM, and to the following PAL Executive Committee members for 2019.  We look forward to a wonderful year ahead, and thank you for your support of the school. 



 Paul White & Louise Wytenburg

Co-Vice   Presidents:

Jane Dalton & Sue Whipps

Treasurer & Assistant Treasurer:

Joanne West & Tracy Hall

Boarder Liaison:

Suzie Sherwood

Primary School Parent Coordinators:

Sally Lee & Janet Doyle

Committee Members:

Angela Quinn, Sally Oong, David Fitzsimmons, Paul Nettlebeck, Martha Heaton, Peter Bentley



Secondary School Coordinator:



If you would like to get involved with PAL in 2019,  or have any questions,  please contact Paul and Louise via email HERE. 


Tuition Fee Raffle Winner

Thank you to everyone who supported PAL’s Tuition Fee Raffle . This is a major fundraiser for the school and we appreciate your support. The raffle was drawn today and we are pleased to announce that a very lucky Year 6 family won the raffle. Congratulations!


We thank all the parents for your involvement and support of all Development events throughout 2018, and we wish all families a restful, safe and enjoyable Christmas break  and look forward to an exciting new year in 2019 !