Deputy Principal’s Message

Deputy Principal’s Message

This week I write to you about the partnership between the School and families, in particular, the procedures the School has in place with regards to parents delivering items to their daughters during the school day and the protocol to follow when your daughter is unwell at school.



Sometimes students forget items such as parts of their uniform, lunch, classroom items and class work. It is the school’s policy that we do not accept parents dropping forgotten items to school. We ask all parents to work in partnership with the school on this. We take this position to decrease the girls’ dependency on parents and other adults and enhance their own capacity to cope without parents being there to ‘save them’. It is also worth noting that not all our students have parents willing and able to drop items off at school and boarders are not given permission to return to their dormitories in cases when they forget things for school. So this also becomes a matter of equity and fairness for all.

Recently, it has been brought to my attention that some students are having fast food delivered to them at school by parents. The school’s position outlined above extends to the delivery of food to students. It is not appropriate for parents to be dropping their daughter’s lunch order to them.  No student should be ordering the delivery of food from a parent or any external provider. Any orders from external providers for a school organised event are actioned and overseen by a teacher.

If your daughter forgets her lunch she needs to see her Head of House or the Dean of Pastoral Care so arrangements can be made to provide her with lunch. Please be aware that girls will not be ‘in trouble’ for leaving things at home or in their dorms – the consequence is that they do not have what they need or should have, and therefore the learning is in experiencing that. Of course as mentioned above, students without lunch or morning tea will be looked after.



The Mary Ward Health & Wellness Centre is within the school grounds. With Registered Nurses and Counsellors available it is a centre for the health and well-being of all students. A nurse is available Monday to Friday from 8:00am – 3:15pm for boarders and 9:20am – 3:15pm for day girls. Temporary care is provided for a day student who is ill, until a parent or other approved person is contacted to assume responsibility for her well-being.

Any student who is feeling unwell during the school day must ask her class teacher to have her handbook signed so  she may see a nurse in the Mary Ward Health and Wellness Centre. The nurse assess the student and make a judgement as to how to best care for her. Students are not to contact parents when they are feeling unwell and request that they pick them up. If your daughter does contact you with such a request, please tell her to see a teacher and to then go to the Health Centre.  A decision about whether or not a student should go home due to illness or injury is made by the nurse, in consultation with the student and parent.


I have spoken with the girls about these two matters this week and am now calling on parent cooperation to adhere to these expectations and policies.


Ms Marina Ugonotti

Deputy Principal