Deputy Principal’s Message

Deputy Principal’s Message

As Ms Watkins referred to in her newsletter article, the work of implementing the recommendations of the 2016 Sports Review has continued in earnest this term. When we met with parents in term one of this year to provide feedback from the review, we explained the following key points:

  • The School accepted all 37 recommendations of the review.
  • The key categories of those recommendations are all interconnected and therefore require a staged, strategic approach for implementation.
  • Within those recommendations the School has identified four areas of priority which have the greatest weight in terms of their interconnectedness with other findings and recommendations. These are:
    • To draft a philosophy statement;
    • Communications;
    • Coaching; and
    • Organisational structures and practices.
  • The School had formed a Parent Taskforce to support the School as it works though all the recommendations for the ongoing growth, development and good order of sport at Loreto Normanhurst. This taskforce is made up of six current parents who are working with the Sports department, Ms Watkins and me.
  • The focus of 2017 is on getting all matters in good order; making small improvements where possible and with an awareness of the feedback provided by the review and investigating and researching key areas of change.
  • The focus of 2018 will be implementation of incremental changes as required and building on the work of 2017.

Since that information evening for parents in February, good work has been happening within these four priority areas and in other areas of Sport. The Parent Taskforce has provided the School with feedback, input and consultation in these key areas.  At meetings and by other means of communication we have been able to consult and gain feedback on some key areas of work that fall within the identified priority areas.  Further to this, Mr Mulroney and I have meet with Sport leaders and House Captains from Years 7-12, as well as the Primary School leaders, to ensure that the student voice is present in all considerations.

Below is a brief summary of the progress in key areas to date:

  • A philosophy of sport statement. This statement which articulates the philosophy of Sport at Loreto Normanhurst will now provide the overarching framework for the Loreto Normanhurst Sports Policy. Procedures and guidelines relating to details of the program will all sit under this statement.
  • A streamlining of internal communications and communications with parents and students.
  • The inbox  ensures there is one dedicated channel of communications between the sports department and parents.
  • Increased rate of pay for coaches has been implemented.
  • Review of coaching inductions has begun.
  • Updated procedures for coaches to monitor student attendance, with the introduction of electronic roll marking for sporting fixtures and training.
  • Improving student commitment to sport with revised guidelines and procedures which govern attendance at training and sporting fixtures to be introduced in Term 3 (see the Sports Page of this newsletter for more detail).
  • The organisational structure of the sports department has been reviewed with all options being investigated. As part of this, two additional sports administrators began their work in the sports department this week.
  • Mrs Laura Bryan has been made a full time member of staff which has ensured greater administrative support and presence within the department.
  • Internal procedures and practices involved in the administration of each sport, and the daily work of the sports department, are in ongoing evaluation.
  • Initial consultation in relation to better student access to the gym and improving the offerings in relation to access to the gym.

There is still work to do and in the upcoming terms we will continue to focus on areas of improvement and conducting the required research and investigations to ensure that we meet all intended outcomes of the accepted recommendations. We will continue to consult and work with the Parent Taskforce and to provide parents with feedback along the way.

I take this opportunity to congratulate all students on their work and involvement in community this term. I wish our families a restful and relaxing time over the student vacation period and looking forward to welcoming students back, refreshed and renewed, on the first day of Term 3. 


Ms Marina Ugonotti

Deputy Principal