Deputy Principal

Deputy Principal

“It Takes a Village”

A warm welcome to you all to the school year of 2020.  I would like to extend a particularly warm welcome to all families of students who have joined our Loreto Normanhurst community this year and I hope that you will quickly come to experience and value the spirit of this beautiful community.

The education of a Loreto Girl is truly holistic with our mission at the core of all our work. It does not take long to really appreciate the profound impact of just how imbued the values of Sincerity, Verity, Freedom, Justice and Felicity of this strong tradition are in our way of being in this community.  We certainly look forward to the hope and promise of the year ahead and sharing in the care and growth of your daughters.

A unique aspect of our roles as educators is the privilege of working in partnership with families, and the reciprocal relationship that exists in this sphere. In our ever-changing world, this relationship has never been more important. We appreciate the many complexities that come with parenting and recognise the importance of families and educators working together to invest in strategies that will build the capacity of our girls, empowering them with courage and purpose.

We have all heard the saying “It takes a village to raise a child”, and that is so apparent within a Loreto Normanhurst education. We know that the best academic and pastoral outcomes for your daughters can only be realised when we are congruent, and do this in partnership with you, the primary caregivers. Research has shown that greater parental engagement has a positive impact on student outcomes including better social skills, a greater sense of personal competence and efficacy for learning.  We seek to engage parents in their daughters’ education in a range of ways which place value on building a sense of community, where authentic relationships are developed.

 Much of our best work is done in a manner that speaks right to the heart of a Loreto education – in conversation.

I hope you have had the opportunity to peruse the 2020 offering within our Parent Engagement and Education Program 2020 “It takes a Village…” and encourage you to take advantage of the resources, expertise and conversation available to you.

As part of this program, we are very excited to be hosting Dr Judith Locke, renowned psychologist and author of ‘The Bonsai Child’ over two evenings in February and we urge you to come and listen to Dr Locke address topics such modern parenting trends and strategies for parents to encourage their children’s confidence, social skills, the essential skills of resilience, self-regulation, resourcefulness, respect, and responsibility in their schoolwork and activities.  Further details are available here, where you can also register your attendance.

The sessions are:

Monday 10 February from 7pm–9:00pm
“Helping your Child become Confident and Capable at School”
(for Years 5-10 parents only)

Tuesday 11 February from 7pm- 9:00pm
“Year 12 and Beyond (particularly beyond)”
(for Years 11-12 parents and students)

As we move into this year of Verity may we strengthen our partnerships through our continuing conversations and authentic relationships. May we work together in growing the capacity of our girls, inspiring them to view their world with optimism, justice and truth as they strive to fulfil their potential and be the agents of positive change


Mrs Lynn Long

Deputy Principal