Dean of Development and Alumni

Dean of Development and Alumni

Community at the Heart

Show yourself at all times glad and joyful for almighty God loves a cheerful giver

Mary Ward


Loreto Normanhurst has community at its heart. When any member of the Loreto Normanhurst community, past or present, is asked about what makes our school the special place that it is, the answer is always the same. It is the strength and spirit of our community. The Loreto Normanhurst community, with its richness of diversity, and the relationships within it, has been, and remains, the cornerstone of our wonderful school.

The walls and corridors of Loreto Normanhurst reverberate with many memories and lasting friendships forged and developed across 122 years. Our story is unique and remarkable – heritage and tradition, Loreto values and a mission dating back over 400 years yet still as relevant as ever today; combined with a future-focused, holistic education model that shifted the paradigm of learning and has been lauded at national and international levels. In my role, I have the privilege of working closely with the Parent Association of Loreto (PAL), and the Ex-students’ Association, alongside a dedicated team of professionals in the Development team comprising of Enrolments, Marketing and Communications, Community Engagement and Events. Together, we work to share the story of Loreto Normanhurst and help to ensure that everyone can find their place of belonging within this beautiful story – whatever stage of the Loreto journey they may be on.

The spirit of our community shone so brightly at last Sunday’s Spring Fair, as we came together to celebrate in style, and with heart! In true Loreto Normanhurst fashion, country and city, past, present, and future, students, parents, staff, families and friends – collaborated to produce a most extraordinary event. From the fun carnival rides, to the delicious food stalls, gift baskets, retail stalls, raffles, chocolate wheel, entertainment, and so much more, our community – the heart of Loreto Normanhurst – was beating loud and clear!

And if we say that community is at the heart of our school, then our amazing volunteers are the heartbeat. What a sight it was to see the Sr Veronica Reid Oval transformed for the Fair! Hundreds of our parents, students, and ex-student volunteers, led by PAL and the Spring Fair Committee, worked tirelessly on the day, and for months prior, in preparation for this significant event.  All volunteers gave up hours of their time and did their incredible work to the benefit of others without seeking any reward or recognition, a wonderful human characteristic, and we are so grateful and acknowledge their generosity of spirit. Special thanks must go to Louise Wytenburg, Paul White, and Jane Dalton, convenors of the Spring Fair 2019 Committee.

Here at Loreto Normanhurst, we recognise that it ‘takes a village’ to raise a child. In partnership with our parents, together we can ensure that the village of Loreto Normanhurst continues to thrive, as we each make our journey and leave our own ‘heart marks’ on the story of Loreto Normanhurst.


Ms Grace Paraino

Dean of Development and Alumni